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Demo: P&C Policy Admin App

Unqork's P&C Policy Admin Application is a unified digital hub for organizing and managing policies from information gathering to quote generation to billing. In this brief demo, we'll demonstrate how a home insurance application is moved seamlessly through the process without ever leaving the Application. 

To start, the Application streamlines the information-gathering process through a series of step-by-step eligibility questions. This data is then used to automatically generate a quote, which is handed-off to an underwriter for review along with potential issues that have been automatically highlighted by the system (e.g., "Age of Roof Does Not Meet our Underwriting Guidelines" or "Low Credit Score").

After the underwriter approves or rejects the quote, the Application can generate signature documents and provide easy uploads directly into the system. Once all documents are uploaded and accounted for, the policy is then sent into billing. For the purposes of this demo, we also show easy it is to make policy changes, cancellations, and reinstatements. 

For more information on what Unqork can do in the insurance industry, visit our solution page. Or, if you're ready to see how we can work together, click here to request a demo.