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Demo: Institutional Client Onboarding

Unqork’s Institutional Client Onboarding solution empowers organizations to automate and systematize their onboarding processes across all relevant departments.

Organizations are able to achieve greater transparency and operational efficiency by digitizing onboarding processes and seamlessly integrating them into external systems (e.g., CRMs). Users are able to easily view, edit, and manage the status of individual clients throughout their onboarding journey. 

The solution provides a centralized digital hub that allows users to oversee and administer onboarding workflows across the front-office, operations, and legal functions. Tailored dashboards based on role provide access and permissions to relevant information and tasks.

And since the solution is built on Unqork's enterprise no-code application platform, processes can be easily updated and configured to address the specific and evolving needs of your organization. Curious to learn more? Watch the above demonstration to see Unqork's Institutional Client Onboarding solution in action.