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Demo: Digital Front Door

To drive patient satisfaction and improve quality of care, healthcare providers need mobile-first digital solutions that are able to meet patients’ rising expectations for on-demand resolutions, while subsequently reducing administrative load. 

Off-the-shelf self-service patient portal solutions are difficult to customize and still often overly reliant on manual processes. Building a bespoke solution from the ground-up using a traditional code-based approach might offer customization, but would be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to develop and maintain. This is where Unqork’s enterprise no-code platform can be a game-changer.

Unqork's Digital Front Door provides a secure, compliant, and always-available patient portal, which empowers patients or their caregivers to independently access health records, communicate with care teams, schedule appointments, update their profile, pay bills, and more. 
The Digital Front Door automates many time-consuming tasks and makes them available to patients 24/7. In addition to offering patients greater access to information and services, providers are able to spend fewer resources on high-volume administrative tasks and more on providing excellent care.
Also, because this solution is built Unqork's no-code platform, the solution can be configured implemented quickly, often in a matter of days. Furthermore, Unqork's platform allows organizations to easily—and rapidly—update their front-door solution with new workflows, services, and procedures as needed.
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