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Unqork's Quick & Efficient Housing Assistance

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Unqork’s Housing Assistance capabilities, including Homeowner Assistance and Rent Relief solutions, make it easier for state and local governments to distribute critical financial assistance quickly.

Even as the US nears the end of the pandemic, many are still feeling the economic impact as otherwise responsible people are having trouble paying their rent and mortgage. To address these challenges, the Federal government approved $1.9 trillion in COVID relief funds via the CARES Act and the American Rescue Plan (ARP). However, effectively—and rapidly—delivering aid to homeowners and renters in need is no small undertaking. 

In order to distribute funds as rapidly as possible while remaining in compliance with program requirements, state & local agencies will need robust scalable technologies to help them streamline application and fund-distribution processes. This is where Unqork’s industry-first no-code enterprise application platform can play a pivotal role.

Expediting relief with Unqork

Unqork’s Housing Assistance reflects the knowledge of what is required to run these programs in a way that gets relief to those who most need it quickly, efficiently, and in compliance with all rules and requirements, including allowing case managers to validate:

  1. Identity: Validations and signatures of homeowner or tenant, adult household members, and landlord

  2. Residence: Confirm rental or owned residence, appropriate connection between tenant / landlord or homeowner / property

  3. Income: Verify income documentation matches homeowner or tenant & household members and note COVID impact

  4. Relief sought: Confirm amounts due are backed up with documentation and make adjustments as needed

Traditionally, there would be a multitude of manual entry and human checkpoints (e.g., talking to a service provider on the phone, mailing forms, etc.), often requiring on-site engagements. This would be a difficult undertaking even without a spike in need and social-distancing guidelines. With Unqork’s Homeowner Assistance and Rent Relief applications, these tasks can be automated at scale and handled completely online. 

With Unqork, Pre-Eligibility Screening is automated through self-service hubs. Individuals (e.g., tenants, landlords, homeowners) do pre-eligibility so they do not have to go through the whole process if they aren't eligible.

Agencies can seamlessly integrate with their legacy systems, meaning innovation does not need to be halted by your current processes. With a detailed case review interface and checklist of criteria to verify, it is simple to keep track of multiple funding sources. Uncover real-time analytics and pre-built reporting, all compliant with the U.S. Treasury Monthly and Quarterly Reporting requirements and other funding sources.

Relief applications developed on the Unqork platform come out-of-the-box compliant with ARP and CARES Act rules, and can be easily configured to adhere to local and state regulations. This accelerated development empowered the City of Chicago to set up its custom rent relief portal in just a few weeks. 

Click here to see Chicago city leadership announcing the Rent Relief portal built with Unqork.

Watch our webinar on how Unqork can help your agency put ARP funds to work.

Unqork is the only truly end-to-end solution in the market, including: eligibility assessment, application submission, application review and quality control, payments, auditing, and reporting to the US Treasury and other regulators.

With the power of Rent Relief, Homeowner Assistance, and the underlying Unqork Platform, local and state agencies will be able to distribute massive amounts of funds in a timely manner, while setting up their jurisdictions for next-level innovation in a more digital ecosystem that is built for the future. 

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To learn more about how Unqork can be leveraged in your state or local government, schedule a personalized demonstration with one of our in-house experts. Also, sign up for the Unqork newsletter and stay tuned into the latest no-code developments.