Unqork + IEX Cloud for Financial Services

Unqork builds simple, user-friendly IR and customer service dashboards to provide a range of IEX Cloud’s data functionality around company, peer, and other market sources to power real-time interactions. 

Unqork and IEX Cloud have combined their market-leading capabilities to tackle key business challenges experienced across the financial services industry today. Companies continue to prioritize investments in digital experiences that are customizable, integrate seamlessly with internal/external systems, and provide a high degree of transparency and control to multiple user personas. However, processes such as live market dashboards, customer trade management, and other operational processes are likely to be highly manual processes that require a lot of ad hoc collaboration across many different software systems.

Customer service representatives within wealth and asset management divisions need access to market data. While Fortune 1000 IR teams historically shared a market data terminal, that model has broken due to COVID. Now, these firms need to quickly go digital and provide everyone across the team (and the rest of the CxO suite) a digital market data experience. 

That is easier said than done. Most middle- and back-office employees don’t have access to third-party market data terminals, limiting their ability to effectively service clients. Many legacy data providers are costly, both in terms of costs per seat and time required for employee training. Integrations with other commonly used technologies (e.g., CRMs, customer investment profile information, trading, risk, attribution tools, etc.) are not included.

Current providers do not offer the ability to access all the different types of data needed and only pay for what you actually consume. Rather, customers need to buy complete datasets, store and database them all, and then build application layers on top. This leads to elongated application development cycles, increased infrastructure spend, and enlarged data costs.

The time is now to bring market data to those usually left behind by terminals. By combining the accelerated development and flexibility of Unqork’s industry-first no-code enterprise application platform and IEX Cloud’s financial data capabilities and expertise, customers can tackle these use cases by digitizing and automating processes that streamline secure collaboration throughout business lines.

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