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Unqork + Human API: Transforming Clinical Trial Recruitment & Screening

Accelerate recruitment and screening while reducing the operational burden on patients and sites.

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Accelerate recruitment and screening while reducing the operational burden on patients and sites.

Clinical trial recruitment and screening are painful for both patients and site staff. For patients, initial screening—even when conducted digitally—is difficult and confusing, quickly proceeding into detailed questions on medical history that the patient may not know the answers to.  Not surprisingly, some patients drop out prematurely and/or provide inaccurate information. Subsequent rounds of screening often occur at the site, which may take weeks or months to schedule and require travel on the part of the patient—often before eligibility is even confirmed. 

Even when CROs are involved, site staff must often shoulder much upstream responsibility for recruitment and upfront screening. Therefore, they are compelled to spend time on outreach, assessment, and even ordering full medical records for patients who could—and in many cases should—have been disqualified well before the site got involved. These low-value tasks take time away from more impactful activities and can contribute to site burnout over the long term.  

To date, there hasn’t been a practical alternative to the status quo. Current point solutions digitize specific parts of the screening process, but aren’t integrated with existing workflows or systems (e.g., EDC).  Even the most advanced offerings are unable to make use of clinical data at sufficient scale.   

Unqork and Human API have come together to transform the paradigm. Patients go through an intuitive, omnichannel intake experience to learn about and see if they might be a fit for the trial. Those without any clear disqualifiers can then share their medical records in real-time with the closest site (or first to the CRO, in the case of a decentralized trial), by simply clicking a button.