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Unqork Helps State & Local Agencies Take Advantage of American Rescue Plan Funds Right Away

Unqork and the American Rescue Plan

Unqork offers a suite of solutions to empower state & local agencies to efficiently manage federal funds from the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

There is light at the end of the long dark pandemic tunnel. After a year of massive social and economic upheaval, the wave of COVID disruptions is finally receding as cases fall, and vaccination numbers rise. Still, the past year has been a tumultuous time for many Americans, particularly those who were already at risk before the pandemic. The virus may be on its way out, but the effects will be felt in communities around the country for years to come. Fortunately, there is help out there. 

To mitigate the impact of the past year, the federal government passed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan (ARP), which includes $498 billion in federal funds to state, local, and tribal governments. The Plan’s immediate focus is on economic relief (e.g., rent & mortgage relief) and COVID mitigation (via support for testing and vaccination programs), but it also allocates funds to address long-term impacts from the pandemic, as, unlike the limited windows of the previous COVID relief bills, the ARP timeline extends to 2024.

Both long-term and immediate “tracks” will require a robust digital solution to help organize the application of federal funds—and Unqork can play a pivotal role in both. We will address how Unqork can help local governments’ long-range goals in a future blog post, but in this article, we will focus on how Unqork’s enterprise no-code application platform can help agencies take advantage of ARP funds right away.

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Rapid Deployments Are Our Specialty

Unqork’s no-code application platform is designed to accelerate the development of robust custom government solutions—sometimes in as little as a few days. All Unqork solutions are built using a completely visual interface. Platform users (or “Creators'' as we refer to them at Unqork) build software by drag-and-dropping configurable modules representing user-facing elements, back-end logic, and integrations with external services. 


Unlike other no-code application platforms, Unqork is specifically designed to accelerate development within complex, highly regulated sectors such as government. Unqork’s Public Sector team boasts decades of government experience, so we are uniquely suited to anticipate and overcome the challenges faced by state and local agencies so that you can build the right software fast. 

Ready to Go

Unqork can—and has—been used to accelerate the development of various internal- and external-facing solutions. If you can define a business workflow, it’s probably achievable using Unqork’s no-code platform—and probably a lot easier than you think

However, when it comes to rapid deployments, we have developed a suite of use-case-specific solutions designed in coordination with our customers and other industry leaders. 

Rent Relief

The ARP includes $30 billion focused on housing and utility assistance, of which $20 billion are allocated for rental assistance, $5 billion for homeless assistance, and $5 billion for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

Unqork’s Rent Relief solution is a turnkey solution to help state and local agencies manage the newly available funds. Released initially following the passing of the CARES act, the solution is already being used by several state & local agencies around the country to meet the scope and requirements of the ARP.


Watch a recent discussion about Unqork-powered rent relief featuring Unqork's featuring Cas Holloway, Unqork's head of public enterprise.

Unqork Rent Relief empowers public agencies to effectively manage and distribute these funds at scale in compliance with all federal requirements. Agencies can orchestrate automated end-to-end workflows from pre-screening to award determination to closeout. Unqork Rent Relief includes the ability to integrate with local databases and configure digital experiences for all relevant stakeholders (renters, landlords, administrators, as well as housing specialists and program auditors). With Unqork, the application can be easily tailored to meet local requirements and circumstances.

Key Elements

  • Tailored Digital Portals: Enhance the experience for all relevant stakeholders, including renters, landlords, program administrators, and auditors 

  • Integrations: Seamlessly connect your rent relief hub with existing databases and systems, as well as third-party applications for identity validation, payment processing, and other services 

  • Automated Validations: Scale your ability to prevent fraud and duplication of benefits

  • Advanced Workflow Orchestration: Maximize efficiency for renters, landlords, and program administrators

  • Robust Document Management: Provide all stakeholders with 24/7 access to relevant documents with a full digital audit trail of access

  • Enterprise-Grade Security Standards: Protect sensitive personal data with encryption, advanced RBAC 

  • No-Code Flexibility: Configure your system to accommodate both federal and local requirements and future changes to the program (e.g., extensions, eligibility adjustments, additional funding, etc.)

  • Full Auditability: Access to detailed digital trails of all workflows

  • Enhanced Operational Visibility: Increase efficiencies through granular KPIs, reporting, and analytics

Mortgage Relief

In addition to the $30 billion designated for rent relief, the ARP includes $10 billion aimed at homeowners. To support state & local agencies with helping homeowners, Unqork has designed a turnkey Mortgage Relief Lending Platform with robust borrower-, lender- , and administrator-enabled hubs. 

Already in production across several states and lenders, the end-to-end platform requires minimal integration with the lender’s infrastructure and can be implemented as a single-tenant cloud deployment. 

Learn more about Mortgage Relief as part of Homeowner Assistance

COVID Hubs + Vaccination Programs

The ARP has allocated $59 billion to support public COVID, including $50 billion for testing, tracing, and monitoring efforts, as well as $9 billion for vaccination programs. Early into the crisis, Unqork worked with the City of New York and the District of Columbia to rapidly deploy a suite of digital solutions that allowed public agencies to track cases through user-facing hubs and deliver essential public services such as food delivery around channel disruptions. 

When it comes to vaccinations, agencies at all levels have found it challenging to build and maintain an effective digital vaccination solution. Unqork’s ability to accelerate the development of robust flexible solutions can be invaluable.

With Unqork, organizations can rapidly build and effectively manage a custom COVID Vaccination Platform in days to weeks. Health systems, hospitals, and agencies can use Unqork to build individual workflows and/or seamlessly integrate them into existing systems and third-party services. Unqork can be used to create highly automated patient-facing processes, including user identification, eligibility assessments, pre-screening questionnaires, appointment scheduling, and omnichannel notifications/reminders. The Vaccination Platform can also be used to support administrator-facing functionality such as reporting, analytics, worklists, patient registration, clinical questionnaires, and vaccine supply and location management.

With Unqork, healthcare organizations can develop the tools to efficiently take on the crucial work of getting the nation through the crisis. As factors evolve (e.g., new guidelines, new vaccines, new supply variables, new eligibility requirements), the Platform can be easily updated and scaled to meet your vaccination initiative’s needs. 

Key Elements

  • Tailored Experiences: The Platform can provide personalized experiences for all stakeholders (patients, workers, administrators) with access to relevant workflows and information 

  • Automated Eligibility Assessments: Provide a patient-facing eligibility questionnaire to automatically discern eligibility based on configurable guidelines 

  • Insurance Intake: Automate processes to optimize insurance integrations

  • Seamless Integrations: Exchange necessary clinical and administrative data for patient information and scheduling with legacy systems or third-party services

  • Real-Time Notifications: Enable and automate real-time, omnichannel message notifications to patients

  • Vaccine Supply Management: Keep track of vaccine supplies and distribute information to relevant decision-makers

  • Location Management: Manage shifts and processes at multiple vaccination sites through one centralized dashboard

  • Clinical Reporting: Optimize clinical information-gathering via questionnaires and reporting to immunization repositories

  • Scheduling: Optimize patient scheduling for vaccine dose distribution  

  • Patient Registration: Automate patient intake processes to gather information for registrars

Health & Human Services

The ARP includes $5 billion for mental health and domestic abuse programs. Unqork has worked with industry leaders to design turnkey solutions for a Universal Front Door for Service Referrals and HHS Case Management


Watch a recent webinar featuring Unqork thought leaders explore case management in the public sector.

Key Elements

  • Digital Front Door: Responsive client-facing omnichannel digital portals that offer predictable, organized workflows with smart tools to maximize assistance and prioritize resources

  • Frictionless Handoffs: Seamless integrations allow case managers to seamlessly hand-off a client to a relevant agency or employee, even within a single session

  • Tailored Internal Dashboards: Provide administrators and case managers with tailored experiences and access to relevant information, demonstrating case manager or agency-wide performance data as well as individual client outcomes across agencies

Thanks to modern medicine, the virus may finally be on its way out. However, when it comes to digging out of economic and social disruptions of the past year, communities can find their way back via a combination of federal funds, local insights, and modern technology. 

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