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Unqork 301: UDLC Toolkit

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Unlock the benefits of full software life cycle management—without coding. Watch the UDLC (Unqork Development Life Cycle) Toolkit in action

Welcome back everyone. I’m Nick Gamble, Head of Evangelism at Unqork (@the_uncoder), and I’m excited to have our own Director of Engineering Roberto Busó-García joining me for my third Twitch stream. 

So far, we’ve covered the basics about building on Unqork using Designer, and we even built a gamer-focused application for Twitch. You’ve seen how to build a workflow, a full module, and how to connect to an API—all without writing or editing code. 

But as we all know, building is just one piece of software development. That’s why Roberto and I dive into the Unqork Development Life Cycle (UDLC) Toolkit, which helps you with… well, everything else!

What is the UDLC?

Now, let’s dive into some of the features of the UDLC Toolkit: API Docs and Schema Modules.

API Docs

How to create an API Spec

Discovery of APIs in Dashboard

Auto-generation of documentation

Schema Modules

Discovery of Schemas in Dashboard


This is the beginning of us touching the ULDC. These features were built with Unqork, so if you are already a Creator these features live in your application. We encourage our Creators to take on being creative, so don’t be shy when it comes to digging into the software life cycle features and playing around with them to match your needs. 

To learn more about the UDLC and the features, watch the full Twitch stream here

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Don’t forget to join us on Twitch (every Thursday at 3pm ET) and subscribe to our newsletter. We look forward to you becoming an Uncoder!

About the Author

Nick is currently Unqork's Head of Evangelism who is leading the effort to inform the developer community about the power and potential of no-code. In his previous role as Unqork's Vice President of Solutions, Nick led the technical design and implementation for a number of Unqork’s largest clients, including New York City, Goldman Sachs, and other Fortune 100 companies. Through this experience he found a new department pioneering the development of reusable patterns and extensions to the capabilities of the platform, all using Unqork. Prior to joining Unqork in the early stage, Nick spent his career in software development helping startups get off the ground and enterprises digitally transform. These roles took him around the world, gaining a deep passion and understanding of how to build global systems and how people will use them.

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