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Unqork 301: Testing & Debugging in the UDLC Toolkit

Graphic of magnifying glass over computer screen examining code testing feature

Let’s dive into the second phase of Unqork’s codeless take on SDLC management: Testing and Debugging. Watch the UDLC (Unqork Development Life Cycle) Toolkit in action

Hello again, and welcome to part two of the UDLC series—if you are interested in learning about the automated generation of API Docs and Schema Modules, check out part one. I'm Nick Gamble, Head of Evangelism at Unqork (@the_uncoder). 

In this four-part UDLC Twitch series, the development life cycle will be broken up into different phases of Unqork’s toolkit. Each week, I’ll bring on a guest streamer from the Solutions Engineering team. Part one featured Director of Engineering Roberto Busó-García, who walked us through the Planning phase. Today, Solution Engineer Russell Epstein dives into the Testing and Debugging phase.

Meet Russell!

Watch the full Twitch stream here to see us cover the: 

  • Overview and demo of the tools and how it fits into the SDLC process

  • Use cases and utilization

  • Deep dive into how each key feature is built

Service Logs

Service Logs intro

Sneak Peek: Building a demo for Service Logs and Testing Tool

Service Logs Dashboard: Detailed request/response information

Features Within Service Logs

Use case example for when to use Service Logs


Watch Russell test his application in real-time

“Using the UDLC Toolkit in conjunction with Unqork is a lot like playing Mario Kart with steer control settings on,” explains Russell. Watch the video below to get deeper insights into what that means and what the UDLC features mean to Russell as a Creator.

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