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Unqork 201: Construct a Gamer-Focused Application

Halo Infinite

No-code isn’t just for developing applications for the enterprise. Learn how you can build a gamer-focused platform for Twitch

Hi! Nick Gamble, Head of Evangelism at Unqork (@the_uncoder), back again for a second Twitch stream. This one is going to be a little more challenging as we build on what we covered in Unqork 101.

UncoderAs promised, I was able to work video gaming into our stream. I will use Xbox’s Halo Infinite to create a gamer-focused application for Twitch. I’ll show how the application will give you the ability to pull in statistics about your gameplay, run complex calculations on those statistics, and create a gamer profile encapsulating them.

Check out my step-by-step development videos below as I walk you through different frameworks and themes that you can use to build.

Securely enter gamertag to build a gamer profile


Pull stats via API


Use workflows to run additional calculations on stats


Make profiles visible to other gamers


As you can see, the Unqork platform is built for more than just insurance, financial services, and the other industries Unqork is often associated with.

The game I’ve created showcases the flexibility and adaptability of the platform, allowing you to build anything you set your mind to—without writing a single line of code. Enjoy shareability and high security, among many other great features!

You now have my gamertag (​​gamblend), so I expect a ton of friend requests on Xbox!

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We look forward to you becoming an Uncoder! 

About the Author

Nick is currently Unqork's Head of Evangelism who is leading the effort to inform the developer community about the power and potential of no-code. In his previous role as Unqork's Vice President of Solutions, Nick led the technical design and implementation for a number of Unqork’s largest clients, including New York City, Goldman Sachs, and other Fortune 100 companies. Through this experience he found a new department pioneering the development of reusable patterns and extensions to the capabilities of the platform, all using Unqork. Prior to joining Unqork in the early stage, Nick spent his career in software development helping startups get off the ground and enterprises digitally transform. These roles took him around the world, gaining a deep passion and understanding of how to build global systems and how people will use them.

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