The No-Code Center of Excellence

A No-Code Center of Excellence (CoE) empowers enterprises to take a strategic and organized approach to scale no-code across their organization.

To remain competitive in today’s fast-moving marketplace, business leaders must ensure their organizations are always at the technological forefront. This means:

  • Automating at scale complex processes that previously relied on human intermediation

  • Addressing rising user expectations for digital-first experiences

  • Overcoming market disruptions of all shapes and sizes

  • And doing it faster than the competition

To keep up with the increasing demand to “go digital,” technology leaders are turning to new development methods, such as enterprise no-code application platforms. In a no-code application platform, enterprise software is built and maintained through a visual UI instead of writing out complex lines of code. All key application components (e.g., front-end elements, back-end processes, and third-party integrations) are represented as configurable drag-and-drop components which can define workflows visually. The platform executes these graphic representations of commands as if they were written in code, and the codebase is automatically generated and updated by the platform based on visual input from the user.

By streamlining development organizations are empowered to build complex software 3x faster using 3x fewer resources, and with 600x fewer bugs than traditional code/low-code-based approaches. As a result, organizations are able to rapidly move around disruptions of any scale. 

In order to realize the true potential of no-code, it must be viewed as an organization-wide endeavor. To apply this new development paradigm effectively at scale, organizations need to take a systematic approach organized through a No-Code Center of Excellence (CoE). In this eBook, we will explore how organizations should approach building and optimizing their No-Code CoE.
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