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The No-Code Business Case for Executives

Business executive standing beside Unqork Create logo

CPOs, CTOs, CIOs, and CISOs all want to accelerate digital transformation. These sessions at Unqork Create 2021 (Oct 12–14) will demonstrate how no-code makes your job easier.

Business technology executives (CPOs, CTOs, CIOs, and CISOs) have a lot on their plate. 

They are responsible for overseeing the people, processes, and technologies within an organization to ensure they deliver outcomes that support the goals of the business. Digital transformation is a priority, so they play a key role in strategic, technical, and management initiatives—improving security, customer experiences, and helping the company leverage data—that mitigate threats and drive business growth.

Unfortunately, there are many problems that they need to address across the various teams and projects they are responsible for:

  • Too much of their tech teams’ time is spent maintaining legacy tech debt, yet they need to also rapidly respond to changes in the business agenda

  • Projects run over time and over budget

  • Keeping developers happy is hard when the best developers are toiling away at basic, administrative projects (e.g., debugging)

  • Hiring technical talent is a challenge, particularly for niche programming languages

  • Maintaining and upgrading systems and tools weighs down the Ops team along with the organizational infrastructure—a necessary evil that provides little value

All these problems have something in common: code, and the legacy systems that support them.

The biggest limits on your organization’s future are all the things you’ve built in the past. At Unqork Create 2021 (Oct 12–14)—a virtual event packed with actionable insights, workshops, hands-on labs, and customer stories—you will learn how to mitigate or otherwise solve these issues with no-code.

Unqork Create session highlights

We have a dedicated track for business executives to help you overcome the pain points listed above. Here are a few topics on the agenda we are excited about. 


Elevating the Client Experience in Life Insurance: A Fireside Chat with Amy Friedman from Principal

11AM–11:30AM ET, Tuesday October 12

Amy Friedman, President of US Insurance—Principal & Gary Hoberman, CEO & Founder—Unqork

Amy Friedrich is a visionary industry leader that has led successful transformations in key lines of business for Principal, including retirement and life insurance. By choosing the right strategic tech investments, like Unqork, she has helped the company adapt to constantly changing environments to better serve customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Takeaway: Lead the charge on valuable innovation efforts by proactively digitizing at scale.


Building a Hyperautomation Center of Excellence

3PM–3:30PM ET, Tuesday October 12

Evan Rosen, Senior Architect—Persistent

Persistent built a Hyperautomation CoE with Unqork as the backbone, and they want to share with other technology leaders how they identified ROI-rich opportunities to do so. Establishing a No-Code CoE at your organization means establishing an internal team working together to outedge the competition with fewer resources. 

Takeaway: Stop weighing down your tech infrastructure and ensure your teams are continuously operating at the technological forefront.


The World's First No-Code Marketplace, Built for the Enterprise

11:30AM–12PM ET, Wednesday October 13

Warren Chen, VP Marketplace—Unqork

No-code tools already quicken complex builds. The Unqork Marketplace enables your teams to bring enterprise-grade applications to market even faster and more reliably, thanks to a growing roster of technology partners, system integrators, and pre-configured software snippets. 

Takeaway: Keep developers happy while accelerating your digital transformation efforts.


If these sessions sound exciting to you, don’t wait! Click here to register for your free virtual pass now. 

P.S. While anyone who signs up will get access to the on-demand recordings after the event, live session attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to subject matter experts.