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The No-Code Business Case for Enterprise Architects

Enterprise Architect standing next to Unqork Create logo

Unify your company’s infrastructure and always utilize best-of-breed technology. These sessions at Unqork Create 2021 (Oct 12–14) will demonstrate how no-code makes your job easier.

Those responsible for Enterprise Architecture (Solutions Architects, Heads and VPs of Architecture) have a lot on their plate. 

Like the name implies, they architect how information, business, and technology seamlessly work together. They identify the tech or software required to enable the organization's current and future goals and requirements, while also keeping up with the latest technology and approaches (e.g., the cloud, IoT, machine learning, and other emerging trends) to continuously promote digital transformation.

Unfortunately, there are many problems that they need to address regarding their enterprises’ infrastructure:

  • Lack of consistency in architecture across the entire business

  • “Shadow IT” resulting in applications being used across the company that were not deployed by the primary tech team (and may not be following proper governance)

  • Disconnect between the desire to use and endorse the hottest technologies and the reality that these technologies are unable to support existing infrastructures and toolsets

All these problems have something in common: code, and the legacy systems that support them.

The biggest limits on your organization’s future are all the things you’ve built in the past. At Unqork Create 2021 (Oct 12–14)—a virtual event packed with actionable insights, workshops, hands-on labs, and customer stories—you will learn how to mitigate or otherwise solve these issues with no-code.

Unqork Create session highlights

We have a dedicated track for enterprise architecture leaders to help you overcome the pain points listed above. Here are a few topics on the agenda we are excited about.


Conductor 101: Oversee and Manage the SDLC for Every Application in One Place

11:30AM–12PM ET, Wednesday October 13

Nick Gamble, VP Solutions Engineering—Unqork

Unqork Conductor is the orchestrator of your software development life cycle (SDLC), giving you the tools to manage, review, and release no-code applications at scale. Get an overview of everything from access management to quality assurance to release management.  

Takeaway: Easily integrate new vendors into your architecture via a unified plug-and-play approach that consolidates application management in one location. 


Testing & Debugging Best Practices with Unit Testing

10AM–10:30AM ET, Thursday October 14

Nick Gamble, VP Solutions Engineering—Unqork

With unit testing, Creators in Unqork can build and run automated unit tests that can be run when any change is saved to maintain predictable execution of all applications.

Takeaway: Ensure enterprise-quality applications.


Collaborate Effectively With Workspaces

11:30AM–12PM ET, Thursday October 14

Michael Furst, Lead Product Manager—Unqork & Nick Gamble, VP Solutions Engineering—Unqork

With Workspaces, Unqork Creators can now scale their environments while keeping it tidy and organized. Our intuitive and clean interface will enable Creators to manage, promote, and edit their applications all from one centralized place.

Takeaway: Unify your infrastructure.


If these sessions sound exciting to you, don’t wait! Click here to register for your free virtual pass now. 

P.S. While anyone who signs up will get access to the on-demand recordings after the event, live session attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to subject matter experts.