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The Most Innovative Companies Will Be Codeless

Fast Company, Most Innovative Companies of 2022

Unqork named #5 in the Enterprise on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2022

Today, Unqork was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2022, ranking 5 on the list of Most Innovative Enterprise Tech companies. To be included on a list alongside companies such as GitHub and DocuSign is a true validation of our vision.

The recognition got me thinking about what innovation really means to us at Unqork. It’s easy to appreciate innovation when it takes the form of something like SpaceX landing a rocket standing up or Pfizer and Moderna developing Covid-19 vaccines in record time. Innovation in enterprise software development may seem less spectacular, but it’s no less transformative. 

Enterprise applications are crucial ingredients in our modern world. They allow us to remotely access services from our doctor, insurer, bank, and local municipality via any web browser. Internal enterprise applications eliminate high-volume manual tasks and streamline cross-department workflows, which makes employees more productive, organizations more efficient, and ultimately delivers enhanced services to end-users. 

The complexity of today’s modern world demands robust, scalable digital engagements, which is why organizations invest hundreds of billions of dollars into software development every year. Remarkably, most of that money isn’t even used to develop new software—it’s spent managing existing codebases (AKA “keeping the lights on”). That problem is why we started Unqork. We don’t want software to be a burden holding our customers back; we want software to empower them to drive new innovations the world has never even thought of yet.

That’s why Unqork is helping lead the way to a new enterprise software development paradigm: Codeless Architecture. This may be a new concept to many, but trust me, you’ll be hearing a lot about it in the years to come.

You’re probably already familiar with “Serverless Architecture,” in which the management of physical servers is outsourced to a specialized third-party cloud service provider (CSP) such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, or GCP. Serverless Architecture was a game-changer because it empowered organizations to tap into the power of the cloud sans the complexity of purchasing and managing physical servers. Serverless was arguably the most impactful disruption in enterprise software over the past decade, and Codeless will be just as impactful—if not more so.

With Codeless Architecture, organizations outsource the management of their tech stack (including programming languages, frameworks, and integrations) to specialized no-code platforms (NCPs) such as Unqork. 

With Codeless Architecture, organizations outsource the management of their tech stack (including programming languages, frameworks, and integrations) to specialized no-code platforms (NCPs) such as Unqork. Developers can take a purely declarative approach to development and leave all the procedural steps to their NCP, which means complex applications can be built without writing, managing, or even seeing a line of code. When organizations go codeless, they can focus entirely on overcoming business challenges instead of technical ones. This isn’t some fantasy future state; it's happening right now.  

Codeless Architecture has been used by leading organizations around the world to: 

It wasn’t long ago that companies were forced to spend a not-insignificant amount of resources managing their physical cloud infrastructure. But over the past decade, Serverless Architecture abstracted physical servers into virtual components. Unqork’s no-code platform expands that abstraction to the application level. 

Codeless Architecture isn’t just an iterative improvement in how enterprise software is built, it completely eliminates the traditional roadblocks that stand between great ideas and great applications. This is how Unqork unlocks the innovation of others.

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