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No-Code for Health Plans

No-code helps health plans rapidly develop mission-critical applications to address always-changing industry dynamics

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Health plans are continuously seeking to modernize processes & technologies to attract new business, optimize networks, manage risk & medical loss ratios (MLRs), and effectively serve members and healthcare providers (HCPs). These efforts have become even more challenging in recent years thanks to rising member & HCP expectations for digital engagements; evolving requirements for privacy, interoperability, & price transparency; and the need to adapt to new value-based payment models.

In the face of these growing demands, technology teams are finding it challenging to keep pace. In addition, for the efforts they can resource, only ~20% create sustained value. To realize true ROI, companies must embrace transformation across the entire organizations by:

  • Developing intuitive user-facing portals

  • Automating inefficient manual processes

  • Upgrading legacy systems that may be years—if not decades—old

  • Integrating core business workflows across a patchwork of internal systems and external third-party solutions

  • Instilling air-tight privacy/compliance controls

Realizing applications that satisfy these needs is far from easy—particularly in complex, heavily regulated industries such as healthcare. Research has shown that 85% of development projects go over schedule, and 70% of large-scale digital technology programs fail to reach their stated goals. The reason is that neither traditional code-based development approaches nor off-the-shelf software can adequately address the needs of today’s health plans.  

Traditional code-based (or even low-code-based) development inevitably produces legacy code that must be updated and maintained in perpetuity. As one CIO put it, “My team probably spends half of its time keeping the lights on, and that’s with heavy use of [two low-code solutions].” On the other side of the spectrum, off-the-shelf solutions are difficult to tailor to business context or connect to existing systems, which often leads to the all-too-familiar “application graveyard.” 

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This is why health plans are increasingly turning to the power of no-code. This new class of cloud-based, enterprise-grade development platform eliminates friction points and accelerates speed-to-market for scalable, custom, and “future-proof” solutions. These platforms come out-of-the-box with all the toolsets and healthcare-specific accelerators (e.g., front end, workflow, rules engine, analytics, integrations) needed for robust, tailored applications. Technical teams can quickly build the foundation for a given application, process, or system and focus on “last mile” customization and differentiation. Select business users (e.g., Product Managers, Analysts) can also directly contribute, which drives more meaningful collaboration between business and technology teams. No matter who is configuring, users can learn no-code development in a matter of weeks.

Even better, no-code platforms can be the digital glue of your ecosystem, which means organizations can take a modular approach to transformation by building custom solutions that seamlessly integrate with the rest of their tech stack. No need to rip-and-replace.

In this eBook, we will explore how health plans are using no-code across the value chain, so they can move fast and mount a robust digital response to challenges of any scale.