Industry Brief: Unqork for Group Benefits

Digitize complex benefits processes to optimize internal processes, amplify employee productivity, and enhance the member experience.

Group Benefits is an inherently data- and process-intensive sector that requires coordinating multiple stakeholders across a wide variety of channels. Too often, these processes are overly reliant on manual checkpoints and paper-based tasks, which places a high administrative burden on providers and falls short of modern user expectations for service. Digital solutions can automate and optimize key benefits processes at scale, however “going digital” isn’t for the faint of heart—particularly in complex and highly regulated sectors such as insurance. 

Custom enterprise software requires the upgrading and integrating of legacy systems, complying with an evolving patchwork of oversight, and competing for scarce IT talent. Factoring all these challenges together, developing enterprise software can be a painfully inefficient affair with 85% of projects going over schedule and 70% of large-scale digital IT programs failing to even reach their stated goals

This is why leading group benefits providers are increasingly embracing no-code application platforms such as Unqork. This new class of development platforms eliminates traditional friction points and accelerates the building of scalable, enterprise-ready benefit solutions. 

Unqork-built solutions empower providers to rapidly produce robust solutions which reduce manual back-and-forths between agents and members; scale the processing of employee enrollments; accelerate the appointments of agents and brokers; automate data intake and rating for new and renewal group underwriting; and provide for a simpler, more intuitive experience for members submitting claims against their group benefits policies

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