In the Media: Unqork’s Ken Gavranovic Contributes to eWEEK

Unqork’s Head of Platform, Engineering and DevOps Ken Gavranovic writes about why software engineers and IT should embrace no-code in eWEEK Data Points.

Unqork’s very own Ken Gavranovic contributed to eWeek Data Points to address an elephant in the room.

When software engineers or IT teams hear the word ‘no-code’, the fear is that their jobs will be irrelevant. On the contrary, no-code platforms can actually allow them to do the job they were actually hired to do—including the work that may have inspired them to become a software engineer in the first place. Engineers and technologists can focus on developing innovative solutions to complex, modern problems instead of wasting time coding repetitive tasks and fixing bugs. 

“No-code doesn’t mean no development or engineering; it means accelerating delivery and unleashing creativity and innovation”

“No-code doesn’t mean no development or engineering; it means accelerating delivery and unleashing creativity and innovation,” assures Ken. The article goes on to explain the five positive impacts software developers and architects can benefit from by investing in a no-code enterprise application.

  1. Mission-critical software gets delivered faster and at a lower cost thanks to an intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface

  2. Enterprises can actually reign in shadow IT, a common issue with cloud-based applications, due to enhanced governance and security controls

  3. Software engineers will spend less time fixing bugs

  4. They will also get back to doing the work they care about

  5. Legacy tech can easily be repurposed so past IT efforts won’t have been in vain

You can read more details about each of these Data Points on eWeek’s website.


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