In the Media: Unqork Founder Gary Hoberman on TechStrong TV

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Gary Hoberman speaks with TechStrong TV’s Alan Shimel about how no-code disrupts the software development paradigm—and why he doesn’t agree with categorizing no-code under the low-code umbrella.

Gary Hoberman views the technology space in three different camps: Those who support legacy, those who create legacy, and those who use Unqork. 

“Probably 80% of your spend is in supporting your legacy,” he explains to Alan Shimel on the June 29 episode of’s TechStrong TV. Even low-code technologies still require editing and writing lines of code, meaning that even low-code technologies support legacy systems and continuously generate legacy code. The purpose of Unqork’s no-code application building platform, Gary explains, is to totally eliminate a user’s interaction with the codebase.

Learn more about Gary’s vision for a no-code future, why low-code tools will fail to pave the way for that future, and how the recently unveiled Unqork Marketplace will accelerate builds ever faster. 

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Paula is the Content Marketing Manager at Unqork.

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