Human API + Unqork: Driving the Digital Insurance Product Revolution

Human API and Unqork

At a recent webinar, leaders from Unqork and Human API discussed how their partnership empowers carriers to accelerate digital innovation and create better agent and customer experiences.

Carriers are increasingly shifting from a reliance on in-person physical exams to digitally (and securely) accessing customers’ medical records from data sources such as hospitals, EHR networks, HIEs, wearable devices, and more. This new paradigm delivers new operational efficiencies and a dramatically improved customer journey.

Digital transformation has taken on a renewed sense of urgency in the COVID era. This is why the partnership between Unqork and Human API is positioned to help carriers revolutionize how insurance is distributed and serviced to meet the expectations of modern customers. 

Unqork is the first enterprise no-code application platform and specializes in helping companies rapidly build and effectively manage sophisticated solutions in complex, heavily regulated sectors such as healthcare and insurance. The Human API platform is designed to help companies securely collect and make use of digital health data to create better consumer, agent, and channel experiences. The company’s “Digital Health Data Platform” ingests and integrates data from sources including hospitals, EHR networks, HIEs, patient portals, pharmacies, labs, wearable devices, and fitness apps. 

“We built this company to help healthcare and all of the adjacent industries like insurance, better access health information to benefit the consumer,” explained Nick Zambruno, Growth and Insurance Lead at Human API during a recent webinar “Driving The Digital Insurance Product Revolution.” Nick was joined by Unqork’s Chandresh “CK” Kothari (Insurance Lead) and Christian Barrera (VP of Alliances and Ecosystem) to discuss how the two companies are empowering carriers to rapidly adapt to the modern insurance landscape.

By seamlessly integrating health data from Human API’s platform into Unqork, carriers are able to build robust enterprise applications and take on the evolving challenges of the industry.

2021 Trends & Challenges in Insurance

Many of the identified trends fall under the theme of fostering greater collaboration between distribution and customers throughout the application process, as well as improving the relationship with distribution via a fully digitized sales process. 

Emerging Insurance Trends

  • Omnichannel access as table stakes: Providing consumers with the ability to purchase insurance through multiple distribution channels, based on individual preference is no longer a nice-to-have

  • Immediate issuance & delivery (“buy now” capabilities): Rising consumer expectations for on-demand underwriting and instant policy issuing

  • Data & analytics: Empowering carriers to readily collect healthcare data to deliver new digital services and an improved customer experience

Key Insurance Challenges

  • COVID-19, social distancing, and remote collaboration: Companies need to find new ways to remain productive and engage with customer and employees around social distancing guidelines

  • Manual, lengthy, and opaque processes: An over-reliance on manual or paper-based tasks takes adds time, provides limited visibility into the status of customers or internal stakeholders 

  • Integrating with fragmented external data sources: “Analog” processes make it difficult to analyze data to support improvements

  • Complex regulatory landscape: Companies must navigate an evolving patchwork of oversight and dynamically apply them at scale across various regions  

“The focus for many now is on closing that gap of what is currently offered in insurance versus other sectors such as finance,” commented Unqork’s CK. “And this is where the partnership between Human API and Unqork can enable that acceleration and digitalization.”

"As carriers seek to revamp and create better consumer experiences, one thing that really holds them up is access to data." — Nick Zambruno, Growth and Insurance Lead at Human API 

“As carriers seek to revamp and create better consumer experiences, one thing that really holds them up is access to data,” added Zambruno. “Carriers need access to critical health information in order to underwrite the policy, but they don't want to wait three weeks for traditional medical records to come in—and they don't want to force consumers to come in to get poked by needle or do an invasive home exam. This is why carriers are turning to companies like Human API to provide better, faster access to digital health data. But it's not just about accessing it faster—all this data can power automation from an underwriting perspective. So definitely hits on some of the key challenges that we're seeing in the carrier space today."

Reimagine the entirety of the insurance ecosystem

The collaboration of the Unqork and Human API platforms allows carriers to rapidly build and deliver administrative-, agent-, advisor-, and consumer-facing digital experiences at scale to benefit the entire value chain, including:

  • Improved customer satisfaction via omnichannel user experience and self-service data collection

  • Streamlined processes via digitized forms and integrated data combined with configurable business logic applied automatically at scale

  • Improved data quality via automatically NIGO checks to avoid manual back-and-forths 

  • Increased revenue by accelerating underwriting decisions, enabling process transparency, and driving higher policy placements 

See how Unqork and Human API can be used at your company and schedule a personalized demo with one of our solutions experts. Sign for the Unqork newsletter to learn more about the potential of no-code.

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