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How Unqork Squashes Your Top No-Code Concerns

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If you’re new to no-code, you might be a little hesitant—we understand! Unqork is here to help you recognize how no-code can benefit your enterprise.

Building applications using expensive, time-consuming, and buggy code has been “getting the job done” for years. But eventually, something’s got to give! Switching to no-code gives you the power to create robust, secure, and high-quality applications that suit enterprise business needs—all without writing a single line of code. 

Still, it’s not easy to make a change. We understand if you have some concerns about joining the no-code revolution, but we also want you to get on board! Here are some of the biggest concerns our prospective customers bring to us, and how Unqork eliminates each and every one.

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1. “I heard that you have to do EVERYTHING yourself with no-code builders, including security.”

We get this one a lot! Most no-code builders aren’t designed with enterprise security needs in mind, so you’re right to be a little wary. Unlike other tools, Unqork is the only no-code development platform built for the enterprise—meaning enterprise-grade security is built in from the ground up. With full data encryption and end-to-end security capabilities covering security, compliance, and systems of record, Unqork supports centralized management and in-depth visibility for comprehensive threat detection and remediation. 

Unqork also employs a shared security model (SSM) that clearly outlines who is responsible for which aspects of web application security. This collaborative approach between you (the customer), Unqork (the platform), and the cloud provider helps mitigate security threats from all sides without overloading your tech teams.

2. “My business is still growing and I’m not sure how much support I’ll need.”

Unqork’s no-code software empowers you to think big, no matter your size. You’ll never have to worry about outgrowing your application, falling behind competitors, or being unable to respond to shifting industry demands due to not having the right infrastructure. 

Unqork’s architecture is scalable, flexible, and designed for growth and development. Our single-tenant architecture lets you scale horizontally or vertically, allowing you to optimize performance in the best ways for your systems. We also support scale, upgrades, and patches with no downtime, helping your organization grow at lightning-fast speeds! 

With Unqork ExpressCloud, deploy and scale your Unqork applications with ease—while only paying for the resources you use. 

Unqork’s microservices-based approach is perfect for the growing enterprise, enabling you to deploy and modify applications on a granular level. This makes it easy to add specific functionality to your application and rapidly meet changing market demands. Plus, microservices let you expand capabilities at the pace and scale that work best for your team.

3. “Aren’t no-code tools limiting? You can’t achieve a lot of functionality.”

Historically, no-code builders have been on the simpler side, but we’re in a new age of no-code! Platforms like Unqork are more sophisticated and powerful than ever before—and more accessible, too. Companies in highly regulated industries like finance, insurance, and healthcare now use no-code to address their most complex challenges. 

Unqork Marketplace allows organizations to seamlessly discover and implement all kinds of enterprise functionalities. The Marketplace gives you access to a wide array of pre-approved, easy-to-install tools and capabilities called “assets” that can automate manual tasks, support eSignature, and so much more. Creators can drag and drop assets directly from the Marketplace for quick, reliable customization that won’t cause bugs. This reduces errors and improves time-to-market while still supporting the freedom to custom-build your application.

4. “I’m not clear on how no-code can make DevOps faster or easier.”

We know that DevOps is tough. That’s why we designed the Unqork platform with DevOps in mind! Unqork is made to speed up and streamline processes by leveraging real-time visibility for all changes, even when using out-of-the-box dashboards and KPIs. This enables your teams to immediately monitor and analyze DevOps processes, reducing risks while improving collaboration and minimizing friction.

Unqork also boosts true collaboration by making it easy for end-users to quickly give and address feedback using no-code components, configurable modules, and workflows. Even business users can get directly involved in the development process using our entirely visual platform. Unqork also leverages a testing framework in which QA testers test, re-test, and verify your applications before you release them, making sure you bring the most recent and most stable version of your product to market.

5. “Let’s say I do go with no-code. What can I do with my legacy systems?”

Good news! Unqork can help you manage your legacy systems without compromising the overall functionality of your application—no matter what you decide to do with them. 

With Unqork’s no-code extensions and APIs, you can easily extend legacy architecture and integrate it with modern systems or external third-party solutions. Our modular approach to application development also helps you do away with massive, hard-to-manage systems like ERPs and move toward scalable architectures that support future upgrades and integrations. Best of all, Unqork lets you move at your own pace and build upon legacy systems until they’re finally all replaced.

6. “No-code can’t really be that much cheaper than code, can it?”

Yes, it can! Deloitte found that, on average, enterprises spend 57% of their IT budgets on supporting current operations (including code).

[B]e three times more productive, get products to market three times faster, and spend three times less on enterprise application development.

Meanwhile, no-code boosts your business value by streamlining processes, speeding up time-to-market, and optimizing application creation. All these benefits (and more!) help your team be three times more productive, get products to market three times faster, and spend three times less on enterprise application development.

With no-code, all kinds of users can build sophisticated applications and bring their ideas to life. There’s no need to buy expensive software that requires costly updates or replacements. Plus, no-code doesn’t generate any legacy code so you won’t have to worry about maintenance down the line, which in turn helps you chip away at your technical debt

Try no-code the Unqork way!

As the only no-code platform designed with the enterprise in mind, Unqork is made to squash all your no-code concerns. On Unqork, you can do more, move fast, spend less, and build the applications that will push your business forward. With more time for innovation and value-generating projects, your organization can get into a winning cycle. Join the no-code revolution with Unqork! 

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