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eBook: Go Paperless with No Code

Paper-based processes are slowing your business down, but digitization can be risky. With no-code, enterprises can transform operations faster and with fewer resources.

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Today, many digital-age companies are still printing, scanning, and making paper-based copies of their work. Employees in traditional paper-heavy departments like legal, accounting, and human resources print an average of 5,000 pages per month, and 90% of healthcare organizations still rely on fax machines.  

These outmoded workflows are strange relics in today’s marketplace when considering that paper-based processes are slow, inefficient, expensive, and far more error-prone than digital ones. So, why do 64% of businesses believe that printing will remain important to their daily business, even as far ahead as 2025? 

Is it because of how long it takes to develop and roll out a digital replacement? Are they concerned that it'll be part of the 70% of large-scale digital IT programs that fail to reach their stated goals? Or do they worry about the risk of the replacement technology becoming obsolete once it's deployed?

No matter the reason, paper-based workflows can negatively impact an organization in a number of ways. Creating a powerful digital solution to optimize workflows while cutting down on costs and reducing risk is no easy task, especially when relying on traditional development methods. This is where no-code can make a huge difference. 

No-code makes it easy and affordable to transform your paper-based workflows and make a positive impact on your organization. This eBook is for business leaders who are looking for digital replacements for their paper-based processes and want to learn how it can take place efficiently and affordable—and without writing a single line of code.