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Does Your Employee Productivity Need a Boost? Try No-Code.

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Find out how no-code can help your employees—developers and non-developers alike!—get more done in a day. 

Did you know that the average worker is only productive for 3 hours a day? It’s true! That means most employees only get 12.5 hours of quality work time from a 40-hour workweek. It’s certainly possible to put more productive hours into the workday, but you need the right set of tools. Here’s how no-code can help employees maximize efficiency, save time and energy, and feel more fulfilled in their roles, all while driving better business results.

The state of productivity today

How does a 40-hour workweek turn into 12.5 hours of productive time? Well, it’s true that everyone loses focus from time to time—and it’s perfectly natural to get less done on a Friday afternoon than a Monday morning. We must also consider that employees are interrupted every 3 minutes on average. What’s worse, it takes 23 minutes to get back on track after a disruption.

Productivity has dipped even lower post-pandemic, thanks to a phenomenon known as “collaboration overload.” Now that 71% of employees work from home at least part of the time, Zoom calls and meetings are necessary to keep everyone connected. However, according to a Korn Ferry survey, 67% of respondents said spending too much time in meetings compromises their productivity. Combine a steadily increasing number of meetings with time spent on emails, administrative tasks, and coffee breaks, and suddenly the day has passed you by.

Unfortunately, the statistics are just as bad in the enterprise tech space. The average enterprise tech team spends 55% of their time in unplanned or “urgent” meetings instead of working towards their goals and deadlines. Developers lose most of their productive time—23% in fact—to managing technical debt. Not only does this take time away from your employees, but also means they do less of what they were trained to do. When employees aren’t empowered to utilize their skills properly, productivity suffers even more.

The average enterprise tech team spends 55% of their time in unplanned or “urgent” meetings instead of working towards their goals and deadlines. Developers lose most of their productive time—23% in fact—to managing technical debt.

Productivity losses also seriously impact your business growth—a recent Hubspot survey found that productivity losses cost businesses around $1.8 billion a year. Employees can’t do their best work when they’re distracted, disengaged, and unmotivated, which hinders performance and compromises customer satisfaction. Plus, time spent managing repetitive tasks is time taken away from value-adding projects, eating away at productivity and morale while blocking your enterprise from innovation.

Get more done with no-code

You might not be able to put more hours back in the day, but you can achieve the same effect by changing the tools you use. With the power of no-code, you can maximize your team’s time and effort by helping your teams work smarter, not harder. And with Unqork’s seamless integrations, templated flows, and easy-to-apply business logic, you and your employees can accomplish even more! 

Unqork empowers technicians and non-tech business users alike to create the enterprise web applications they need to help them work efficiently. Business users can even build programs that promote self-sufficiency on Unqork with minimal oversight from the tech team. This freedom gives employees the tools they need to succeed, frees up space on your tech team’s to-do list, and increases productivity throughout the enterprise. We call that a win-win-win!  

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No-code can also help you increase productivity by:

Automating repetitive or manual tasks

Manual workflows and operations are some of the biggest hindrances to productivity, especially in industries like insurance and finance. Populating multiple forms with the same information over and over again eats up more time than you might think, and manually entering information is notoriously error-prone. The probability of human error hovers between 18% and 40% for entering information into spreadsheets. Plus, correcting those errors reduces productivity even more.

Unqork’s easy-to-apply business logic increases the technical capacity of your enterprise, making it easy to automate repetitive tasks and manual processes. Along with automation, the Unqork platform is packed with robust dev tools and features like cloud-native, API-based integration templates that help you automate workflows and optimize execution.

Boosting employee engagement 

Engaged employees are productive employees, and studies show that you can increase your profits by 21% by keeping your team healthy, motivated, and enthusiastic about your company’s vision. Unfortunately, building web applications using code is frustrating, time-consuming, and maybe even a little boring for your developers. 

No-code means no debugging, no legacy maintenance, no tedious work, and no more code anxiety. Eliminating these aspects of application development will make your employees far happier and in turn, far more productive. Also, Unqork’s no-code platform breaks down silos by enabling all team members to get involved at every stage of the development process. This promotes collaboration without unnecessary meetings.

Attracting new talent to your team

Sometimes the best thing you can do to jumpstart your enterprise’s productivity is bring in some new talent. If you’re still building in a code-based ecosystem, that’s way easier said than done. Coding languages become obsolete notoriously fast, and the number of coders who have experience with these languages is diminishing rapidly. To keep productivity up by hiring the best and brightest, you need to switch tactics.

No-code helps you appeal to prospective hires like Gen Zers. Younger generations are comfortable using technologies like drag-and-drop website builders and Excel-like spreadsheets to solve problems independently, and that experience has perfectly prepped them for building with no-code. New hires will love that you’ve future-proofed your enterprise with no-code, and they'll be more inclined to stay with an enterprise that uses the latest digital tools and gives them the freedom to innovate.    

Unqork More Productivity 

No-code capabilities enable your employees to work more productively and make the best use of their skills. That means they can get more done in less time, with less strain and more efficiency than ever before. As the only enterprise-grade no-code platform, Unqork can fire up your employees’ productivity even further by automating workflows, promoting collaboration, and future-proofing your enterprise. Start boosting productivity today with Unqork!

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