Demo: Group Retirement Plan Sponsor Onboarding

Today, retirement solution providers face long sponsor onboarding times and a hampered ability to compete for new business. This is due to costly high-touch onboarding processes for both bundled and unbundled plan types. Common onboarding challenges include an over-reliance on paper-based processes, lack of transparency, manually intensive setup of plan provisions, and complex workflows that spread across disparate teams and systems. This leads to a poor sponsor experience, increased data errors, and places an outsized administrative burden on retirement solution providers. 

With Unqork, businesses can rapidly build—and effectively manage—an end-to-end sponsor onboarding solution that can accelerate onboarding cycles, enhance the sponsor experience, and reduce errors. Unqork’s platform makes it easy to ingest and organize data at scale from third-party providers (e.g., payroll services), downstream systems, or directly from sponsors via an intuitive external-facing digital portal. The unified solution provides a centralized source of truth that all relevant stakeholders can access to discern real-time status updates. Dynamic workflows provide smooth handoffs between stakeholders and can be fully integrated with internal record-keeping systems, CRMs, and other legacy applications.

Want to see it in action? Watch the brief demonstration of our group retirement solution to see how the onboarding process is accelerated and optimized via a tailored, sponsor-facing digital experience.

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Demo: Group Retirement Billing and Fee Management

With Unqork, providers can easily build and effectively manage an enterprise-ready solution for setting-up,...

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Webinar: Transitioning to Workspaces


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