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Demo: Group Retirement Producer Onboarding

Distribution is critical in today’s group retirement environment. As firms look to expand their business and offerings, access to scalable sales and advisor teams is crucial. Unfortunately, too many providers’ producer onboarding processes are overly reliant on manual, paper-driven tasks, which leads to inconsistent data, additional back-and-forth cycles between producer and provider, and workflow inefficiencies. 

Digital technologies can automate and optimize these processes, but to be effective, they must seamlessly integrate with legacy systems and external services while complying with an evolving patchwork of regulations and protocols. It would be difficult and time-consuming to build a custom sponsor onboarding solution capable of meeting these requirements using a traditional code-based approach. This is where Unqork’s ability to accelerate the development of robust insurance solutions can be a game-changer.

In this brief demonstration, we showcase Unqork's Producer Onboarding solution for Group Retirement and walk through the streamlined and intuitive journey a prospective producer would take to register with a carrier.