Definitive Buyer's Guide to Enterprise Application Platforms

Enterprise application platforms empower organizations to transform and innovate at scale. Let us help you choose the platform best suited for your company’s needs.


Application platforms are technologies that streamline, accelerate, or otherwise optimize the development of software. To put it simply: they are applications that help you build and maintain other applications. However, not all application platforms are created equal. 

When it comes to enterprise software, organizations must consider capabilities around things like security, compliance, and ongoing application management throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Many of today’s highest-profile application platforms fall in the “low-code/no-code” space (LCNC), which, to varying degrees, removes the need to work in code. This is a key paradigm shift as traditional code-based approaches can not sufficiently address the demands of the modern marketplace. It would require a huge investment in resources to hand-code a response to every new competitive offering, regulation, or technological upgrade. Still, even within the LCNC space, there are important differences to consider.

To start, we at Unqork disagree with the decision of various industry-watchers to bundle low-code and no-code technologies together into this single LCNC class. While low-code tools provide some level of abstraction, developers still must work within the context of a complex codebase. Not only do these tools necessitate experienced engineers to take on high-value tasks at every phase of the SDLC, but they don’t fully overcome the limitations of building with code.

At Unqork, we believe the future of software development is completely code-free, which is why we’ve invented the first enterprise no-code application platform. Our platform empowers some of the world’s biggest organizations to develop sophisticated applications via an entirely visual interface. This completely code-free approach can make a huge difference.

Taken together, Unqork’s platform allows organizations to build 3x faster, using 3x fewer resources, and at a far higher quality than traditional development approaches. We believe Unqork is the best application platform for most use cases, but in this eBook, we can put aside our inherent bias and provide some helpful guidance for choosing the enterprise application platform best suited for your organization’s needs.

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