Webinar: Building Enterprise Digital Resilience in Changing Times

A year ago, it would have made little sense for an organization to invest valuable resources preparing for the highly unlikely possibility of a global pandemic.

But then, “highly unlikely” happened and whole sectors came to a grinding halt -- even ones who previously embraced the gospel of "digital transformation." 

The pandemic has highlighted the fact that simply digitizing processes is not enough to guarantee an ability to withstand all unknown future events. To be truly digitally resilient, an organization must have the ability to efficiently append and amend its digital infrastructure in response to a changing landscape. 

While crucial in the context of an exceedingly rare event like COVID-19, digital resilience is also measured by an organization’s ability to respond to less-dramatic disruptions such as shifts in consumer habits, regulatory changes, or new competitive offerings. Indeed, the ability to maneuver and pivot in “normal” times is arguably more consequential than one’s response to a once-in-a-century disruption.

As we move through and beyond this current crisis, a sharp distinction will be drawn between those who embrace the tools and processes that contribute to digital resilience, and those who get left behind. In this webinar replay, Unqork CTO Bassam Chaptini explores what it means to be digitally resilient and how no-code can help organizations prepare for unknown disruptions of any scale.

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