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eBook: DevOps to the Power of No-Code

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Modernize your IT architecture • Take advantage of Unqork's flexible, modern, infinitely scalable architecture • Avoid technological debt with the comfort that Unqork updates all application elements on the back-end—you only need to worry about business and application logic Manage complex data structures and streamline transformations • Execute complex data transformations using a fully featured toolset without code • Allow for data to be persistent or transient and able to transform, validate, and send for server-side processing • Enable frictionless data construction and reporting • Allow for micro-decisioning and both document-level and field-level role- based access with a robust rules engine and RBAC capabilities Increase microservices adoption and reuse • Create reusable microservices to accelerate the delivery of new projects and apps • Jumpstart projects with pre-built connectors for popular integrations • Easily incorporate custom integrations and services Uncover key insights to build better applications • Track usage easily to make better design and development decisions • Analyze topology and dependencies of your services, APIs, or applications Want to see more? Explore the Platform Walkthrough

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