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Solution Brief: COVID-19 Vaccination Platform

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COVID-19 Vaccination Platform When it comes to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, the hard work of developing a vaccine has been completed, and the unprecedented challenge of administering vaccinations to millions has begun. This rollout has been made all the more complicated due to demand outstripping supply, the logistics of how the vaccines must be administered and reported, and the need to comply with social distancing guidelines for the safety of patients and staff. To organize and optimize this undertaking, healthcare organizations and government agencies need a robust digital solution to help them scale eligibility, documentation, notification, and scheduling processes for both new and existing patients. Building a complex digital vaccination solution capable of meeting these requirements would be difficult and resource-intensive under the best circumstances, but the urgency of the moment has made it even more challenging—this is also where Unqork's enterprise no-code platform can be a game-changer. With Unqork, organizations can rapidly build and effectively manage a custom COVID-19 Vaccination Platform in days to weeks. Health systems, hospitals, and agencies can use Unqork to build individual workflows and/or integrate them into existing systems and third-party services. Unqork can be used to build highly automated patient-facing processes, including user identification, eligibility assessments, pre-screening questionnaires, appointment scheduling, and omnichannel notifications/reminders. The Vaccination Platform can also be used to support administrator-facing functionality such as reporting, analytics, and worklists, patient registration, clinical questionnaires, as well as vaccine supply and location management. With Unqork, healthcare organizations can develop the tools to efficiently take on the crucial work of getting the nation through the crisis. As factors evolve (e.g., new guidelines, new vaccines, new supply variables, new eligibility requirements), the Platform can be easily updated and scaled to meet your vaccination initiative's needs. Rapidly deploy a COVID-19 Vaccination Platform with robust internal- and external-facing community, administrator, and clinical workflow capabilities. SOLUTION B RIE F Key Benefits ✓ Accelerated time-to-market: Configure and deploy your custom COVID-19 Vaccination Platform in a matter of days to weeks ✓ Operational efficiencies: Streamline and automate eligibility verifications, notifications, and reporting to scale and optimize key processes ✓ Enhanced patient experience: Provide patients with intuitive self-guided functionality, including eligibility checks, scheduling, and appointment notifications © 2021 Unqork. All Rights Reserved

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