How Unqork Solutions Partners Help Drive Change Across Industries

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Unqork Solutions Partners are empowered to market, sell, and deliver custom no-code business solutions that help their clients drive innovation and transform their customer experience. 

At Unqork, we believe in the power of no-code to transform how business is done. Our platform accelerates the development of sophisticated enterprise solutions and requires only a fraction of the resources of a traditional code-based approach. 

While we consider our technology to be peerless, we are not alone on this journey. The Unqork Partner Program helps us connect with like-minded partner organizations and extend our reach across a wide spectrum of businesses and industries. 

The Partner Program Defined

The Partner Program, first launched in April of 2019, consists of two major branches. The first, Marketplace, is focused on integrating proven third-party services like DocuSign and Plaid into our platform to power dynamic components. The second branch and the focus of this blog, Consulting—also known as Solutions—focuses on systems integrators (SIs), or advisory and consulting firms.

The Unqork Partner Program provides the support our Solutions partners need to market, sell, and deliver custom solutions built on Unqork’s no-code platform. In doing so, they help their clients drive change, transform their customer experience, and pave the way in their industry. 

The Partner program allows us to develop and organize joint sales and marketing processes that align our values and ensure we can deliver valuable solutions for their clients.

Our partners cover a wide range of sectors, from financial services and insurance, to healthcare and the public sector and range in size from Global SIs to regional and specialty consulting firms. The Partner program allows us to develop and organize joint sales and marketing processes that align our values and ensure we can deliver valuable solutions for their clients.

The Key Qualities of an Unqork Solutions Partner

As Director of Business Development in the Partnerships Program, Stephanie Berwick works closely with prospective partners to ensure that we can engage in mutually beneficial relationships. “Before we begin onboarding new partners,” she explains, “we go through a qualification process—is there alignment, are there synergies that we can build on for collaboration? What does the go-to-market strategy look like from a high-level perspective? These are the things we’re thinking about when deciding whether to continue discussions.”

When we’re considering bringing a partner on board, we typically ask ourselves these key questions:

  • Do they have a close advisory relationship with their clients?
  • What sectors are they working in? Is there alignment in terms of these sectors and the spaces that Unqork currently works in?
  • Does this company have experience with no-code? Are they using another no-code or low-code tool or are they looking to replace that incumbent? Do they have any proven use-cases? 
  • Are they known as technology leaders within their market?

If a potential Solutions partner checks all or most of those boxes, we begin discussing what an actual partnership with us will look like. 

Becoming an Unqork Partner

To kick-off a relationship with a new Solutions partner, we go through a robust enablement process that includes onboarding, market strategy, awareness efforts, webinars, events, and more. This is a collaborative experience and generally begins by each party making a presentation that highlights plans for a successful partnership.

From there, the prospective Solutions partner sends their resources through training to become comfortable with our platform and start building solutions. “There are two tracks of training,” says Berwick. “The first track, Unqork Academy, exists as a self-paced tool for partners to continue their training with exams and recorded lessons. The second track, Bootcamp, is a three-week intensive instructor-led course. By the end of Bootcamp, our partners are fully certified and well-equipped to build successfully on Unqork.”

Watch the replay of our recent webinar exploring digitalization trends in wealth management featuring representatives from Unqork and one of our Solutions partners, Capco.  

All partners are also provided access to Unqork’s Partner Portal, a one-stop-shop for deal registrations and a repository on sales, resourcing, platform roadmaps, and other relevant assets. Finally, during the post-onboarding phase, we work directly with our partners’ sales and delivery teams to make sure they have exactly what they need to deliver game-changing no-code applications to their clients. 

At every stage of our partnerships, we work closely to find ways to showcase each other’s capabilities—whether it’s through blogs, webinars (like our recent onboarding and wealth management webinar featuring Capco), or other awareness efforts. Our partners provide unmatched expertise to deploy more valuable and well-aligned solutions to our customers, and they play a critical role in bringing no-code solutions to the people that need them. 

Think your organization would be a good fit for Unqork’s Partnership Program? We’d love to hear from you. Apply to be an Unqork partner here or reach out to Stephanie Berwick with any questions via email or connect with her directly on LinkedIn

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