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Transform the Digital Member Journey With a Unified Member Portal

Tap into the power of Unqork’s no-code application platform to rapidly build and effectively manage future-proof member portals.

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Consumers are increasingly taking on responsibility for their everyday health and, as a result, have become increasingly aware of what they want and need from their healthcare plans. They want to engage with their plans in meaningful ways that make them feel empowered and personally connected.

When it comes to digital engagements with service providers of any kind, consumers expect seamless modern experiences on par with the consumer applications they access daily. As insurance markets become more competitive—and the bar to switching insurers, less prohibitive—payer organizations are under increasing pressure to connect with their customers in truly meaningful ways.

Unfortunately, many organizations are finding it challenging to deliver on their engagement goals. The Journal of Health Economics found that less than 14% of consumers understood their benefits. And benefit plans have only become more complex for the average consumer to understand since that study was published in 2013. Whether it is general benefit information, inaccurate cost estimates, or digital tools, today’s consumers feel overwhelmed with the information available to them and subsequently underwhelmed with the experience as a whole. 

Members generally lack trust and connection with their insurance providers—this represents both a challenge and an opportunity for the industry. As one Accenture whitepaper recently put it: Trust is the new currency. High-quality digital engagements can be a powerful competitive differentiator in an increasingly competitive marketplace.