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Going Digital: Health & Human Services

How Unqork is driving digital transformation to benefit local government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the clients they serve.

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COVID-19 was an unprecedented event in modern times that resulted in the widespread disruption of essential public services. The pandemic highlighted the brittleness of many existing Health & Human Services (HHS) workflows, which are often overly reliant on manual checkpoints and in-person transactions. Yet, even before a global pandemic turned the world upside down, these highly “analog” systems were failing many of those who depend on them the most. 

The need to travel to a physical location to receive services can be a barrier for low-income populations who can seldom afford to take time away from work and family obligations. These processes are even more burdensome for the 26% of American adults who live with a disability, over half of whom have difficulties walking or climbing stairs. 

Modern technologies can mitigate many of these challenges through remote digital engagements, but transformation has proved difficult for HHS organizations to achieve. One study found that before the pandemic, only “18% of HHS organizations had successfully embedded digital tools in the way they work [and] more than half reported they had made little progress in implementing such solutions.” According to the researchers, some of the critical barriers were lack of funding, regulatory compliance issues, and technological obstacles, with 12% reporting a concern about protecting individuals’ identity and personal data, 15% mentioning difficulties in adapting existing IT systems, and 18% noted a lack of interoperability between IT systems. These are just the type of challenges that Unqork was designed to address.

Unqork is an enterprise no-code software platform that helps organizations rapidly build and effectively manage custom solutions to efficiently deliver services. The platform was designed with complex, heavily regulated environments in mind. It has helped deliver solutions to large enterprises such as Goldman Sachs, Liberty Mutual, and Nationwide, as well as constituent-facing services for the city of New York, Washington, D.C., and Montgomery County, Maryland.

The platform’s simple drag-and-drop format empowers IT teams to rapidly build robust solutions that seamlessly integrate with legacy systems, leverage role-based access controls, provide full auditability, and meet the strictest security protocols. The platform comes “out-of-the-box” (or out-of-the-virtual-SaaS-box) with all the toolsets and elements necessary to build and manage a robust application (e.g., front-end UX, workflow, rules engine, analytics, integrations, and maintenance). Since they’re all components of the same unified platform, everything just works together in instant harmony. As a result, agencies and organizations can devote all their resources to addressing their constituents’ challenges instead of technical ones. 

Perhaps you have heard of no-code before and want to learn more, or maybe you have a specific process you seek to transform. In this eBook, we’ll provide you with some background of Unqork’s no-code platform and highlight some of the ways it is already being used to transform crucial HHS processes and provide assistance to those in need.