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Future-Proofing With No-Code

How to build applications that easily (and in some cases, automatically) evolve with the needs of your business.

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How to build applications that easily (and in some cases, automatically) evolve with the needs of your business.

Enterprises are under increasing pressure to “go digital”. Even before the pandemic accelerated this trend, 92% of companies believed their business models would need to change given digitization.

Digitization builds operational efficiency through the automation of complex business processes. It gives companies the means to address users’ rising expectations for digital services and engagements, while allowing them to fend off “digital attackers”. Research also shows that the most digitally sophisticated companies have significantly higher revenues, better profits, and higher staff potential.

Still, companies are often hesitant to commit to investing large amounts of resources into digital transformation out of fear that as soon as a solution is sent to production, it will be outmoded by some newer technology.

That’s where a no-code application platform truly shines.

With no-code, organizations can easily evolve their enterprise applications without having to invest a lot of time or money. No-code applications allow companies to accomplish tasks faster and more cost-effectively, so they can serve their clients better while making good on the promise of their business objectives.

Your enterprise can use no-code to build and improve high-value solutions like back-end workflows, employee-facing applications, and digital self-service portals that automate intake procedures and elevate the customer experience.

Without the need to write or edit lines of code, no-code platforms also alleviate challenges of refactoring and technical debt. By enabling companies to spend less time on technical concerns, they allow for a greater focus on resolving business problems.

Here are four ways that Unqork’s no-code enterprise application platform blends rapid digitization with robust, low-maintenance flexibility to effectively future-proof your solution.