eBook: The No-Code Journey

Businesses are under relentless pressure to digitally transform and enhance their entire organization—it’s the getting there that is fraught with challenges, e.g., addressing rising expectations of users, navigating complex and increasingly sprawling digital ecosystems, and competing for scarce IT talent just to name a few. And this is why many of today’s leading enterprises are turning to no-code.

No-code is a new class of cloud-based development platform that replaces editable codebases with a completely visual UI. No-code platforms come “out-of-the-box” (or, out of the virtual SaaS box) with all the toolsets and industry-specific elements necessary to build and manage a robust application (e.g., front end UI, workflow, rules engine, analytics, visualizations, integrations, and maintenance). Since they’re all components of the same unified platform, everything works together in instant harmony. This means companies are freed to focus their efforts addressing business challenges, rather than technical ones, resulting in a greatly accelerated time to market.

No-code empowers organizations to expand the scope of who is doing the development. In a no-code platform, users (or “Creators” as we refer to them at Unqork) build applications by drag-and-dropping configurable elements that represent both user-facing features and back-end application logic. This allows companies to open up their workforce to include less-experienced developers in addition to those who have spent years building enterprise applications.

These technologies are already being used by global-leading enterprises across a wide variety of industries to rapidly develop—and effectively maintain—digital solutions that automate complex back-office processes, deliver powerful new front-end functionality, and can be quickly adapted around disruptions of any scale

No-code isn’t a new language or some tool that injects iterative improvements—it’s an entirely new development paradigm. In our experience, many IT decision-makers have questions about the process and ramifications of adopting no-code into their organization. In this eBook, we will attempt to address common misconceptions and provide a high-level overview of the enterprise no-code journey.

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