Using a No-Code Platform to Support Remote Productivity

Today’s businesses need rapid application development to keep innovating in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. No-code can help.


When the global coronavirus pandemic forced many states (and countries, for that matter) to enforce shelter-in-place and social distancing measures, normal business operations were flipped upside down. Companies that had already been conducting the majority of their business online were best positioned to adjust. On the other hand, remote working while maintaining service levels and productivity has posed a real challenge to companies for which online operations and working from home are not the norm.

While some businesses likely anticipated a slow global shift toward remote work, no one could have predicted that 2020 would become “the world’s largest WFH experiment.”  According to a recent 8x8 survey, 44% of consumers with full-time jobs have seen COVID-19 affect the way they do business. 55% have canceled all business travel plans, and 40% are video conferencing more than they used to. 

As the recommendations for non-essential businesses to stay at home continue, companies have two choices—go into hibernation and risk going under, or try to adapt as quickly as possible. For those looking to adapt, Unqork can offer a solution. 

How Innovative Tech Solutions Can Help

For many businesses, tools that enable digital productivity and ease the transition to remote work already exist. However, others are plunging into these waters for the first time and need rapid innovation to adapt to these unprecedented circumstances. Luckily, there are numerous examples of applications that have helped businesses stay productive remotely in the midst of the novel coronavirus.

Understandably, much of recent enterprise application innovation has been focused on the healthcare industry. Health startups in San Francisco have developed applications with chatbots that use artificial intelligence to screen people with coronavirus symptoms and advise them on whether they should get tested. IBM is working with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company to pilot a blockchain-based logistics network that would include supply chain management applications to optimize medical supply chains. In high-risk areas, “sticker” sensors can gather data on a patient’s temperature, respiratory rate, and coughing to transmit frequent updates in places like hospitals or airports.

In addition to helping us combat COVID-19, today’s innovative tech solutions are propelling us toward safe reopenings. Enterprise applications can help managers plan the reopening of offices in a way that prioritizes employee safety by making data-driven decisions based on information from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control. Applications can also help create processes that support evolving best practices in workflow and facilities management, like helping warehouse workers maintain appropriate distances and managing contact tracing details. 

Watch this demo of Unqork's return-to-work application that allows users to efficiently and safely manage workplace reopenings.

Although the world’s focus is primarily on keeping vital systems running smoothly and mitigating the spread of COVID-19, there’s still room for joy in the “new normal.” Unqork’s online marriage licensing platform, Project Cupid, helps New Yorkers tie the knot while social distancing. Project Cupid digitizes the licensing process to allow more couples to marry safely and is part of a larger series of public-facing digital hubs that connect people to government resources.

What do all of these applications have in common? They all need a way to rapidly gather, process, and analyze large amounts of data, which often requires complex software. To build complex software in time to make a difference, businesses need something faster than traditional application development.

Unqork is a true no-code system in which a visual interface allows you to build complex, sophisticated applications. This allows you to move from ideation to development to a functioning application in a fraction of the time it would take with a traditional approach. 

Supporting Rapid Builds with No-Code

While any one of the above applications can certainly be built with code, businesses need these solutions up and running as soon as possible to ensure their organization can remain digitally resilient during these times. Code simply can’t support the rapid build times of no-code. We know this from experience—we used our own platform to rapidly respond to COVID-19 and build a Management Hub and Food Delivery Hub for New York City.

Unqork is a true no-code system in which a visual interface allows you to build complex, sophisticated applications. This allows you to move from ideation to development to a functioning application in a fraction of the time it would take with a traditional approach. What’s more, eliminating code means you don’t need to worry about rushing to hire expensive engineers with specialized skill sets, or resorting to outsourcing. If your business is determined to outpace COVID-19, start by removing code. 

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