Creator Spotlights

  • Creator Spotlight: Paba Liyanage

    Creator Spotlight: Paba Liyanage

    Paba Liyanage discusses the career path that led her to Unqork’s Implementation team and what she likes best about working with the platform.

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  • Creator Spotlight: John Norton

    Creator Spotlight: John Norton

    Sales Engineer John Norton gave us his thoughts on the hallmarks of a good salesperson, what it’s like to sell no-code, and his experience with Unqork culture from a distance.

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  • Creator Spotlight: Jane Tran

    Creator Spotlight: Jane Tran

    We caught up with Unqork’s Head of Solutions to learn more about the path that led her to her role at Unqork.

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  • Creator Spotlight: Lisa Shepard

    Creator Spotlight: Lisa Shepard

    Lisa’s love for crafts and building things translated into a career building applications as a Technical Implementation Specialist at Unqork.

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  • Creator Spotlight: Scott Kaplan

    Creator Spotlight: Scott Kaplan

    We sat down with Unqork Technical Implementation Specialist Scott Kaplan to learn about his career path and what it's like to build applications without any code.

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  • Creator Spotlight: Evan Candler

    Creator Spotlight: Evan Candler

    We caught up with Unqork's Evan Candler to talk about his work, the future of no-code bootcamps, and why learning to code was the hardest thing he’s ever done.

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  • Creator Spotlight: Rachel Moose

    Creator Spotlight: Rachel Moose

    We sat down with Unqork Solutions Architect Rachel Moose to get a glimpse into her day-to-day and find out what makes Unqork unique.

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  • Creator Spotlight: Christian Lewis

    Creator Spotlight: Christian Lewis

    We sat down (remotely!) with Christian Lewis to talk about client management, learning to code on Myspace, and LGBTQ+ activism.

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  • Creator Spotlight: Elle Wilson

    Creator Spotlight: Elle Wilson

    We sat down with Elle Wilson to talk about her journey from studying fashion at FIT to building software as a Solutions Architect at Unqork.

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  • Creator Spotlight: Noah Grosshandler

    Creator Spotlight: Noah Grosshandler

    Noah Grosshandler was always interested in storytelling—he just didn’t realize how he might apply this interest in the tech industry until he found Unqork.

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