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Episode 9: #CoffeeAndNoCode With Gary Hoberman, ft. Unqork's Bert Amadi

Unqork's Head of Platform Operations & Services demonstrated the Unqork Customer Management System (UCMS), an IT Service Management hub built on Unqork's no-code platform.
In a recent episode of Gary Hoberman’s (CEO and Founder, Unqork) LinkedIn Live series Coffee + No-Code, Gary sat down with Unqork’s own Bert Amadi (Head of Platform Operations & Services) to discuss an exciting project the Support team undertook: building an Unqork-designed IT Service Management Software (ITSM) for internal use. 

ITSM consists of a suite of tools to perform various IT functions, including: Incident Management, Service Requests and their analytics, OpEX management, Knowledge Management, Service Catalog, SLA Management, and Self-Service Management, among others. Bert explains how these “super apps” are typically considered after IT issues occur.

“Every single organization I've been in, we've had this meeting with the CIO and CTOs where they've talked about, ‘Okay, how do we prevent these issues? How do we track them?’ And usually what comes up from there is an action item to create some sort of a super app—a service hub, a dashboard that will do this,” Bert explains. “But the challenge has always been getting the individual heads of department to agree that this was a top priority... And with the sort of constraint we have with engineering… We had to pick and choose what we do. So a project like this never got off the ground, it always dropped to the bottom until there was another outage.”

Having worked at major financial institutions over a career spanning more than two decades, Bert has tried to build this tool in every single organization he’s been in. According to him, it has taken “months, sometimes years to even build it.”

The cost to build (“no-coding”) on Unqork was found to be more than 90% less expensive compared to "pro-coding”. It was also 8x faster

When he came to Unqork, that changed. “The platform presented us a level playing field… The people on my team that were the problem solvers could actually build this themselves.” The cost to build (“no-coding”) on Unqork was found to be more than 90% less expensive compared to "pro-coding”. It was also 8x faster—the team built this in 3 weeks, as opposed to the 24 weeks Bert estimated it would take otherwise. 

Watch the full episode to see Bert demo the Unqork Customer Management System (UCMS).