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Without eSignature, You’re Signing Away Your Enterprise’s Success

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Here’s how no-code can help you deliver eSignature at an enterprise scale.

Digital is a necessity, not an accessory, and the past few years have shown us just how many manual business processes can be done better, faster, and more efficiently by doing digital. From client onboarding to 24/7 access to healthcare, the possibilities are endless. Since so many businesses need signatures daily—for validating business documents, moving forward with contracts, and running many other enterprise operations—it was only a matter of time before that business aspect went digital too. 

If your enterprise application doesn’t offer eSignatures, you’re missing out on massive opportunities. Here’s everything you need to know about eSignatures, why they’re so essential for today’s businesses, and how they can catapult your organization toward success.

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What is an eSignature?

An eSignature (electronic signature) is a form of data that can be used to execute signatures on electronic documents, forms, records, and contracts. An e-sign can be any distinctive mark—a checked box, electronically signed name, or uploaded signature image—that verifies and validates a document. eSignatures are just as valid as a signature made with a pen on paper, and nowadays they’re widely used and accepted by law firms, government agencies, and enterprises of all sizes.

eSignature technology has been around since the late ‘80s, with Lotus Notes 1.0 being the first widely available software to offer electronic signatures. In 2000, the United States Electronic Signatures in Global National Commerce (ESIGN) Act was passed by Congress, making eSignatures legally binding in every state where federal law applies. And even in cases where ESIGN doesn’t apply, most states have adopted the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA)  providing a framework to ensure eSignatures are just as enforceable as physical signatures.

eSignatures are just as valid as a signature made with a pen on paper, and nowadays they’re widely used and accepted by law firms, government agencies, and enterprises of all sizes.

Electronic signatures and digital signatures are often used interchangeably, but they’re not exactly the same thing. Essentially, a digital signature is an eSignature with an added layer of encryption. The encrypted digital certificate—typically a set of characters added to the end of the document or the body of a message—can only be verified using a public key, which makes the form tamper-evident and also creates an audit trail. Most eSignature solutions provide a digital signature as well. 

The benefits of enterprise eSignature

The biggest benefit of using eSignatures in your enterprise is that it makes getting forms signed, validated, and shared faster and easier than ever before. You don’t have to print the form, sign it, send it to the recipient, wait for them to sign it and send it back to you, scan and print the signed form, and then upload the signed form back into your system. Instead, you simply send out the form and it comes back to you signed. For this reason, eSignatures are the most efficient way to work.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced costs: Paperwork can eat up time, money, and resources. With eSignature you can send out documents in minutes, track their progress, and save the signed paperwork all electronically. 

  • Improved document accuracy: eSignature software lets you put mandatory fields in documents that ensure all vital information is filled out. This helps signers complete documents correctly and prevents you from chasing down customers.

  • Reduced risk: Unlike paper documents that are subject to damage, eSignatures live in a secure online environment. As a result, digital signatures are protected against unauthorized viewers and unwanted modifications. 

  • Better customer experiences: eSignatures allow customers to sign documents anywhere, anytime, and on any device. This makes it far quicker and simpler for customers to interact with your business, even on the go.

eSignature to the power of no-code

On an enterprise-grade no-code platform like Unqork, you can outfit your applications with advanced eSignature capabilities. We're partners with AdobeSign, DocuSign, and signNow in order to offer the best of the best when it comes to digital signatures.

By adopting Unqork’s eSignature capabilities, you can give customers the digital services they want at lightning speed, whenever and wherever they are. Unqork’s no-code processes let you collect eSignatures 5x faster, which accelerates processes for both you and your end-users. Plus, our eSignature capabilities enable you to save $24 per document—savings that are translated directly back to your customers.

Our no-code eSignature processes are built with increased team visibility, boosting employee productivity and accountability while also eliminating 70% of document errors. Unqork eSignature capabilities also adhere to all the relevant security and compliance requirements of your enterprise. These defenses expand across the Unqork platform, protecting every part of your Unqork-supported app.

Our partnership with the Southern Nevada Health District is a prime example of eSignature at work. The Southern Nevada Health District provides vital services to more than 2.2 million residents plus all visitors in the Las Vegas area. They partnered with Unqork and signNow to help them send and receive e-signed declarations, which in turn helped them efficiently and securely collect signed documents on a massive scale. All signed documents were automatically uploaded into their preferred cloud storage system, keeping the signatures organized and safe from harm. It took under an hour to set up and deploy their eSignature system in its entirety!

Scott Owen of SignNow talks about how eSignature went from a “nice to have” to a “need to have” solution. Watch the video to learn more about the success of Southern Nevada Health District and others.

Sign on to eSignature with Unqork

eSignature enables your organization to easily, quickly, and securely collect and verify signatures without eating up your time or emptying your wallet. Along with cutting costs and reducing errors when it comes to signing documents, eSignature capabilities can draw new customers to your business and satisfy your long-standing relationships. In short, eSignature helps keep your enterprise competitive and your customers happy.

Unqork’s enterprise eSignature functionality is the best way to rapidly and reliably receive signatures from your customers, partners, and all other relevant parties. As the only no-code platform built for the enterprise, Unqork can help you leverage the eSignature capabilities of your business dreams and get a 7x return on your investment annually. Bring your organization into the 21st century and beyond with Unqork’s eSignature!

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