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Why Your Enterprise Needs No-Code Hyperautomation

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Many enterprises today are turning to hyperautomation to foster better business operations. With no-code, you can easily hop on the hyperautomation trend.

Organizations across industries aren’t satisfied with what current automation capabilities have to offer. Many companies now aspire to higher levels of automation so they can improve business operations and deliver on customer expectations—that’s where hyperautomation comes in! Hyperautomation is a new solution for optimizing enterprise processes, reducing costs, and keeping up in a highly competitive market. Here’s everything you need to know about hyperautomation and how no-code can help you take it to the next level.

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Hyperautomation 101

Hyperautomation is a holistic approach to automation that seeks to streamline, automate, and optimize every possible repetitive process within an enterprise. Through the power of combined advanced technologies—primarily artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, and process mining—enterprises can digitally transform in today’s highly distributed and highly competitive environment. 

There are two primary objectives to hyperautomation: 

  1. Ensuring everything that can be automated, is automated

  2. Leveling up by adding more sophisticated AI-based process automation to existing task-oriented automation

You might be surprised to learn that hyperautomation is not the opposite of robotic process automation (RPA). In fact, RPA is at the core of it. Hyperautomation elevates RPA by bringing in other technologies to achieve end-to-end automation at an enterprise scale.

The benefits of hyperautomation for the enterprise

If your enterprise is overly dependent on legacy systems and manual workflows, or if your team struggles to achieve clear visibility into business processes, it’s time to switch to hyperautomation. Hyperautomation also significantly simplifies staying compliant, making it the best choice for enterprises in highly regulated industries like finance or healthcare that must adhere to specific compliance laws and regulations. 

Any and every organization can benefit from hyperautomation, even if your processes are already fairly automated or your older systems have seen better days. With hyperautomation, you can:

  • Increase ROI and reduce costs: By eliminating inefficiencies, reducing process times, and automating data extraction and sharing, hyperautomation can help you save time and energy and see a larger return on your investment

  • Improve customer service: Hyperautomation fosters faster, simpler, and more convenient services. Also, hyperautomation features can analyze customer experiences for insights to improve decision-making and support strategies. 

  • Boost operational efficiency and streamline processes: Routine processes like processing, management, and data entry plus extraction are all automated and expedited with hyperautomation. This also frees your team from having to deal with these mundane operations.

  • Speed up time to market: Hyperautomation can help your team accelerate production time, cut down on repetitive tasks, and significantly reduce human error—all of which help you deliver better products, faster

For many enterprises, however, hyperautomation implementation is easier said than done. 

Technological failures and execution issues can plague enterprises new to hyperautomation, along with integration challenges, resource gaps, and other alignment difficulties. When you combine hyperautomation with the power of no-code, you can eliminate these pain points and take full advantage of what this dynamic new approach has to offer.

How no-code makes hyperautomation possible

On Unqork’s no-code platform, you can create an efficient and easy-to-use hyperautomation Center of Excellence (CoE). A key benefit of using an Unqork-supported hyperautomation CoE is the ability to deliver multiple projects simultaneously, thanks to Unqork’s highly reusable models. Parallel delivery with Unqork hyperautomation also helps team leaders more easily ensure proper governance and oversight.

Unqork also enables you to quickly configure user interfaces in order to validate business ideas, getting them into the pipeline faster. You can also quickly create a proof of concept and get collaborators excited about new possibilities, spark other ideas, and generate even more opportunities for your CoE. Unqork can also help you identify which hyperautomation tool is right for each use case. Since our no-code platform can turn anything into a microservice, you can create specific and easy-to-use tools for anything you might need.

Speaking of use cases, here’s a story of how Unqork helped an East Coast Healthcare Provider implement hyperautomation. By building their hyperautomation structure on Unqork, which leaves plenty of room for enterprises to grow, this East Coast Healthcare Provider was able to rapidly move from working on a single project to operating within a full-fledged Center of Excellence.

Evan Rosen, Senior Architect at Persistent, walks through all aspects of building a Hyperautomation CoE with Unqork, from identifying ROI-rich opportunities to establishing best practices. 

The initial project was creating a “digital front door” where patients could seamlessly schedule appointments, manage information, pay bills, and more. This digital front door was the first step towards developing online Patient Registration at the hospital, leveraging digital eForms, and expanding functionality everywhere. They’ve since grown even more to provide a steady state of service, using Unqork’s features to leverage end-to-end hyperautomation that delivers on a consistent basis.

By building their hyperautomation structure on Unqork, which leaves plenty of room for enterprises to grow, this East Coast Healthcare Provider was able to rapidly move from working on a single project to operating within a full-fledged Center of Excellence. 

With Unqork, enterprises can unlock the benefits of hyperautomation faster and easier than ever. Our no-code platform helps you rapidly develop a substantial CoE with customizable capabilities that all work seamlessly together. Plus, our flexible platform can match your enterprise’s unique digital transformation requirements. Leverage no-code-supported hyperautomation for an even brighter future, today!

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