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What To Say To Developers Who Are Skeptical About No-Code Development

Business woman staring at her laptop with a confused, skeptical expression

Experienced coders and engineers may not think no-code is the right tool for them. Here’s how to convince these developers of no-code’s power and potential.

We’re big believers in no-code at Unqork, but we also understand that it’s a relatively new way of building applications and revolutionizing business processes. That’s why we’re here to help everyone join the no-code revolution, even those who aren’t totally sold on the vision. Here’s how you can convince your skeptical developers that no-code can benefit even the most seasoned software developers.

How No-Code Actually Helps Developers

Let’s start with the number one reason why developers are skeptical about no-code—they think it’ll make their jobs harder. Contrary to popular belief, no-code actually helps developers succeed! 

No-code means no more legacy code maintenance, rewriting thousands of lines of code, or endlessly debugging applications, which lightens the cognitive load for developers. Also, by empowering business users to easily perform operations and build the tools they need to work efficiently, no-code lets developers dedicate their valuable time to innovation instead of troubleshooting. 

[E]ngineers can quickly build reusable, industry-specific templates that enable anyone to tackle repetitive tasks and chip away at long project backlogs. This allows developers to focus on the pressing, challenging tasks that require expert attention.

Experienced coders can also use no-code themselves to simplify processes, expedite operations, and promote collaboration between the IT and business teams. With no-code, engineers can quickly build reusable, industry-specific templates that enable anyone to tackle repetitive tasks and chip away at long project backlogs. This allows developers to focus on the pressing, challenging tasks that require expert attention. 

Despite no-code’s many benefits, some developers worry that no-code solutions will replace their skills and industry experience. But it’s actually the opposite—instead of taking away opportunities from developers, no-code lets developers dedicate their talents towards value-driving projects and initiatives.

3 More Concerns Developers Have About No-Code

Convincing your skeptical developers that no-code will make their lives easier and not harder is half the battle, but many won’t be won over that easily. When it comes to no-code, developers are also concerned about:

1. Lack of scalability 

Flexibility and scalability are key to any enterprise’s success, but non-enterprise-grade no-code platforms have earned a reputation for being small and simple. What’s worse, some vendors come with restrictions based on how many users are accessing your platform. If your application traffic crosses a certain threshold, they might limit access and compromise your ability to serve your customers, which inhibits your ability to grow your business.  

To alleviate this concern, you can promise developers that they won’t be penned in when building on Unqork’s platform. Our no-code platform boasts a cloud-native, highly-elastic architecture that supports infinite scale, upgrades, and patches with zero downtime. Developers can scale Unqork’s architecture horizontally or vertically to meet unique requirements, and our flexible storage configurations match a dynamic data schema that holds multiple data types and formats.

The Unqork platform is also based on microservices, which allow developers to break down large applications into individual modular components. This enables you to add or take away functionality as needed without affecting the rest of your application! Plus, all Unqork microservices can be easily scaled up or down without draining resources.

2. Elaborate training requirements

If you’ve only ever learned how to build software using code, building with no-code might seem like learning how to drive a stick shift. Surely, learning no-code requires a months-long onboarding and training process that makes you unlearn everything you’ve been taught about software development—right? Busy developers just don't have the time! 

To put your developers at ease, let them know how easy Unqork is to learn and use. As opposed to building with code, no-code works how the human brain works—visually! No-code allows anyone to rapidly bring application concepts to life after a very short training period so your tech department can ramp up quickly.

If your developers still aren’t sold, show them that they won’t be thrown into the deep end while they learn how to use Unqork. There are many resources available to Unqork Creators, including our self-service learning platform called Unqork Academy. We also formed the Unqork Community Hub to give Creators a space to ask questions, browse existing threads, and find the support they need. Creators can also explore the many webinars and demo videos available through our Resource Center

3. Debugging and fixing issues

Try as we might, no one builds a perfect application on the first try. Developers know that sometimes fixing these problems is more challenging than the building itself. This might cause some developers to think, “What’s the point of switching to no-code when I’ll just end up squashing the same bugs and spending hours troubleshooting the same issues?”

Your developers will be happy to hear that applications built on Unqork have 600x fewer bugs than a code-based application. Also, if a bug does pop up and cause a security issue, the Unqork team will take care of it for you. As a part of our shared security model (SSM), Unqork supplies developers with our audit program, SOC 2 compliance capabilities, rigorous testing, and overall dedication to enterprise-grade security. Plus, using an SSM helps your dev team stay clear on their responsibilities, so they don’t skip security steps

We’ve also debuted a new internal feature for Unqork that helps us provide our clients with better service and resolve tech tickets faster than ever before. The Unqork Customer Management System (UCMS) is a “super-app” for IT management that tracks critical metrics, displays real-time and historical customer data, and consolidates everything you need to resolve issues as quickly as possible in a single location. By promoting quick and proactive troubleshooting, UCMS helps reduce downtime so you can get back to business. 

Join the No-Code Revolution!

Unqork is here to help your developers understand no-code and take advantage of all it has to offer! We know no-code will help your teams (including coders) collaborate, streamline application development, and devote more time to value-driving projects. With these conversation starters, your developers can know that too!

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