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What’s New in Unqork 2021.10

Unqork Platform Release 2021.10

Unqork 2021.10 is our biggest, most important release of the year and has a little something for everyone

I’m really excited to introduce Unqork 2021.10, our biggest release of the year. This update includes a suite of new no-code functionality—some of which our teams have been working on for more than a year. 

With this release, we are delivering unique benefits throughout your organization. C-level tech leaders will have new tools in their no-code arsenal to rapidly build and effectively manage new applications. Heads of app development will be better equipped to source and organize no-code projects directly in the platform—as well as the ability to more efficiently scale the testing of applications they have. We’ve provided ops and network leaders with the ability to pass data between systems without ever going over the public internet. And as for the developers? Let’s just say there’s going to be a huge difference in the no-code applications you build from here on out and we can’t wait to see what you create.

With that, let’s jump into a few of the big changes with 2021.10.

New spreadsheet-like functionality

Spreadsheets are great. You use them every workday. Unfortunately, too often, people are required to cut-and-paste data between spreadsheets and digital applications. Not anymore. Unqork’s new Dynamic Grid component as part of the Grid System combines powerful spreadsheet-like functionality with no-code flexibility—all right in the platform and without writing a single line of code.

The Grid System comes with a suite of configurable components that can be used to build robust functionality including everything from data entry & ingestion to exploration & analysis

Creators are empowered to build complex data functionality using the same intuitive, configuration-based approach they’ve come to expect with Unqork.

The Dynamic Grid component is available right now, with additional components going live over the coming months. 

No more virtual assembly lines

Traditionally many business processes are like an assembly line. One task has to be completed before it goes on to the next worker to do their part. These limitations don’t necessarily reflect the true nature of a modern collaborative business workflow. 

That’s why we’re proud to introduce Parallel Execution. With Parallel Execution, Creators can build workflows that support simultaneous business processes. 

Parallel Execution allows you to split business processes into multiple flows, which promotes greater flexibility and a better experience for end-users. This is a huge deal and allows you to bring a new dimension of experience to end-users.

Let’s take the example of applying for life insurance. This is an inherently complex process involving multiple stakeholders. Traditionally, certain tasks couldn’t be started until a previous task was first completed. In a typical digital workflow, a broker initiates the application process on behalf of a client and then collects and validates each piece of information. After that, a doctor submits a health assessment. Once that’s submitted, an underwriter needs to review all the records, and after all that, at the end of the assembly line, the broker approves the application. 

With Parallel Execution, Creators can build an application in which all tasks can be executed simultaneously by all relevant stakeholders instead of waiting for a previous step to be completed first. 

As a result, processes move much faster, and ultimately organizations can deliver a superior experience to end-users.

Keep your company’s data private

For many of our customers’ network and security engineers, a direct connection to a SaaS vendor like Unqork is preferred over connections via public service endpoints. 

With Unqork Private Cloud, your data can now be securely passed between systems without ever traversing the public internet. This is all made possible with brand-new integrations with AWS and Azure

With a direct connection through Unqork Private Cloud, Unqork establishes a dedicated, private connection between the Unqork environment (in an Unqork-managed Azure or AWS VPC) and the customer’s own virtual private cloud (VPC). 

Track and prioritize projects in your IT backlog

Unqork’s new Discovery Hub helps your enterprise efficiently source impactful projects, manage their statuses, and prioritize them based on metrics you set in a single pane of glass. 

This centralized view provides full transparency into project status as they travel from ideation to production. It makes it easy for application development leads to organize projects and optimize the allocation of resources.

Ensure enterprise-quality applications, quickly

Our new Testing Tool helps ensure high-quality applications in a fraction of the time. 

The Testing Tool allows you to build automated tests for APIs that can be triggered every time a change is made. 

This new functionality brings Creators closer to the testing process. The tool empowers Creators who know the application best to easily design automated tests to understand if their module is functioning as expected before sending to QA for a more robust analysis. By empowering Creators to build custom automated tests, companies are better suited to ensure quality performance across many applications at scale.

By empowering Creators to build custom automated tests, companies are better suited to ensure quality performance across many applications at scale. 

Find your work and collaborate with colleagues faster

The platform’s new Advanced Search feature helps Creators find what they need, faster. Before, search was limited to queries against element titles, leading Creators to frequently duplicate browser tabs and manually replace IDs within the URL to locate the items they need.

Forget about duplicating browser tabs and copy and pasting long strings of IDs into a URL. 

Now you can collaborate faster with colleagues and contributors by sharing and searching for relevant element IDs directly in the platform. Search for those IDs (Modules, Workflows, Data Collections, Applications, and Workspaces) right from Quick Search or Advanced Search.

More than just a facelift

I don’t want to undersell the ambitiousness of this endeavor. This is the first-ever design system built for an enterprise no-code application platform. This new Redesign is far more than just a facelift, it streamlines the entire user experience to improve learnability and increase Creator productivity. 

Beginning today, you’ll see the Unqork Redesign in Workspaces, and we’ll roll it out to the entire platform over the coming months.

To learn more about how Unqork’s no-code platform works, schedule a personalized demonstration with one of our in-house experts. Also, sign up for the Unqork newsletter to discover more ways no-code is changing the enterprise application industry.

Want to learn more about what’s new in this release? Join us on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, at 10 AM ET for our Keynote address as part of Unqork Create 2021. Register for free here. We look forward to seeing you there!