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Unqork @ Work: Dania Micala Gelfond

Dania Micala holding her laptop

Dania Micala’s days are filled with social media (the work kind), a ton of coffee, and mucho amor (lots of love). See what it’s like to be the Social Media Lead at Unqork.

As Unqork’s social media lead, Dania Micala’s schedule is jam-packed with managing and increasing engagement across Unqork’s social platforms, and working on exciting new initiatives like producing podcasts with coworkers. She does all this while still finding time to dance! 

Here is a typical day in the life of Dania Micala.

6:00am: Buenos días from Downtown Los Angeles! My morning begins with my too-many-steps-to-name skincare routine and cafe Cubano with my pomeranian, Totem. I take a quiet moment to myself to sit on the balcony, watch the sunrise, and meditate with my favorite app, Calm. 

7:00am: Once the caffeine kicks in, I’m eager to check on Unqork’s social media accounts for new notifications, trending content, and world news. With my favorite record playing in the background (Eydie Gormé & Trio Los Panchos), I shamelessly belt out every lyric as I dive into my emails and slack notifications.

8:00am: Like the amazing social media professional I am, I have nothing to do because our content has been scheduled for the entire year. Just kidding. The beautiful thing about social media is that it is constantly changing; no day is ever the same. Social media professionals thrive on the excitement of new campaigns, jumping on trends, getting creative, and engaging with the community. If you really want to see what I do all day, follow us on social media @Unqork! 

As Social Media Lead at Unqork, I sit on the Communications team. Our weekly stand-up is full of exciting updates and upcoming announcements.

9:00am: From Your Point of Zoom: I’ve quickly finished eating my oatmeal, poured myself a 2nd cup of coffee, and I am ready to jump into my first meeting. As Social Media Lead at Unqork, I sit on the Communications team. Our weekly stand-up is full of exciting updates and upcoming announcements. If you know my boss Mark Wheeler, VP of Comms, you’ll also be on the lookout for his unique Zoom background of choice. (Personal favorite: An image from My Neighbor Totoro). 

10:00am: Throughout the day I get to meet with many teams and individuals across the organization such as Demand Gen and Marketing to build social campaigns for upcoming launches or events. From strategy to execution, working in social media allows me to cross-collaborate with so many individuals and departments. This is what makes working in social media so special; there is always a way to get creative and amplify company efforts together. 

12:00pm: There is no such thing as too much coffee. Today, we are streaming our CEO and Founder Gary Hoberman on LinkedIn Live for the next episode of #CoffeeAndNoCode, our series featuring industry and technology leaders as guests! 

Check out our latest episode.

1:00pm: Doordash to the rescue as they quickly drop off my California Chicken Wrap. I join my next zoom with #UnqorkMuchoAmor ERSG leads and eat (camera-off for a few minutes) with my work familia. As an ERSG, we are working hard to change the ratio of Latinx in tech. About 8% of Latinx professionals hold roles in STEM and of that group, only 2% are Latina. In this room, I gleam with pride for myself and my colleagues for being where we are today. We know all too well that representation matters; you cannot become what you cannot see. Together, we are building comunidad at Unqork and within the greater Latinx community to help others find their way into tech. 

3:00pm: My favorite project is producing the Building Better Podcast. Alongside VP of Global Inclusion, Netta Jenkins, and Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Unqork, Fahteme Koumbassa, we record a monthly podcast featuring Unqorkers discussing how Unqork can continue to build better as an organization. Listen to our latest episode here!

6:00pm: My EOD Affirmation: There will always be more to do, tomorrow is another day. I close my laptop and take some time to decompress. 

8:00pm: Fun fact: I was a professional dancer in NYC before I pivoted into a career in tech. As an annual member of Caña in DTLA, you can find me Latin dancing a few evenings a week with friends. Caña is one of the few Cuban-themed venues in LA and as a first-generation Cuban-American, this is my happy place to disconnect from tech and refresh for the day ahead.