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Unqork Forward: How No-Code Can Power Digital Resilience for SMBs

Unqork Forward, Digital Resilience, SMBs

Small and medium-sized businesses are facing an entirely new set of challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. Unqork wants to help.


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us to adjust our lifestyles in the face of new circumstances like shelter-in-place and social distancing measures. When it comes to business operations, however, some organizations have had an easier time transitioning to the “new normal” than others. 

Notably, large, modern tech-oriented companies were able to quickly and seamlessly shift towards remote work with little disruption. According to a recent Gartner survey, 74% of surveyed CFOs already have plans to transition some full-time employees to permanent remote work. 

However, many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face a very different set of challenges. For smaller companies that haven’t undergone robust digital transformations, remote collaboration, for example, is often limited to simple tools like email. Social distancing orders have made it impossible for many businesses to continue the paper-based processes or in-person transactions they used to rely on. Digitizing systems can go a long way in helping SMBs make remote work possible, but unfortunately, getting there is often much easier said than done.

Enter Unqork Forward

Here at Unqork, we recognize the challenges that SMBs face—and we wanted to find a direct and immediate way to help these businesses stay on their feet. Unqork Forward is a digital resilience program that provides SMBs with the ability to quickly build and deploy enterprise-grade digital applications.

Most small business owners probably weren’t spending too much time thinking about the necessity of digitized processes in January, but they couldn’t avoid thinking about it come March. By working to foster digital resilience, or the sustained ability to mount a robust digital response to evolving business challenges, Forward empowers small business owners to continue to operate seamlessly through pandemic-related disruptions.

As companies begin to return to physical offices, they need a digital application that will help them do so as safely and efficiently as possible. Check out this demo of a return-to-work app designed on the Unqork platform.

Forward will provide full access to the Unqork platform, so SMBs are able to quickly build and deploy enterprise-grade digital applications. While the platform is far more approachable than traditional development methodologies, we don’t expect you to tackle it entirely on your own. With Forward, SMBs will work with our team of in-house experts who can help you design and build a custom digital solution for your business.

What Can You Build With Unqork?

The Unqork platform’s intuitive drag-and-drop functionality allows you to use visually build the exact capabilities that will support your specific business needs. The resulting applications will inevitably boost business resilience and flexibility—two qualities that are in high demand during these unprecedented times.

Traditionally, building an application meant that companies had to rely on expensive engineers to work with time-consuming coding languages—only to be dealing with legacy maintenance and outdated coding languages in a few year’s time. 

With Unqork Forward, SMBs can use Unqork to build complex, fully-functional applications without writing a single line of code. 

Especially for SMBs, for whom time and money are at a premium, no-code presents a better option. With Unqork Forward, SMBs can use Unqork to build complex, fully-functional applications without writing a single line of code. Visual interfaces, modular components, and advanced API integrations make it possible to create enterprise-strength applications with the speed, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness that traditional methodologies simply can’t offer. 

To highlight some examples and get you thinking about what your SMB might build with Unqork Forward, our teams have built applications for quoting processes, client communications, onboarding applications, product workflows/business process management, and more.

Applications for the program are now closed, but we look forward to working with our new SMB partners and sharing their progress!