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Unqork Celebrates Latinx Heritage Month

Unqork celebrates Latinx Heritage Month

Latinx Heritage Month (Sep 15–Oct 15) recognizes the contributions & achievements of Latinx Americans. We hear from some Unqorkers in our ERSG Mucho Amor on what Latinx Heritage Month means to them. 

This Latinx Heritage month, I find myself humbled and in awe to be surrounded by so many talented Latinx professionals in tech. As we build comunidad inside and outside of Unqork, we come together to highlight the accomplishments and success of Latinx in the US this month and every month. 

As an ERSG, we are proud to host special guest speakers and exciting events over the course of the next few weeks, inviting allies and friends to join us. Together we celebrate sacrifice, determination, immigration, and dreams come true. Juntos somos, together we are. 

Below, my colleagues and work familia share what Latinx Heritage month means to them.


Pablo Vergara, QA Engineer & Secretary - MuchoAmor

Nationality: Latin American (Colombian), born in US

Pablo VergaraLatinx Heritage Month is the best time to promote who we are, celebrate where we’ve come from, and determine where we want to go based on current circumstances. 


Azucena Romá, Product Designer & Vice President - Mucho Amor

Nationality: Latin American (Guatemala), born in US

Azucena RomáLatinx Heritage Month for me is a time to reflect on my family's sacrifices to move to the US and a time to celebrate what we bring to the table.


Christian Barrera, VP of Channel and Ecosystem  

Nationality: Latin American (Ecuadorian), born in US

Christian BarreraIt is the opportunity to share our point of view and perspective on our unique Latinx experience in the United States.


Julio Gaucín, Engagement Manager  

Nationality: United States—Mexican heritage

Julio GaucínLatinx Heritage Month is an opportunity to show our pride of the strength to overcome barriers within the Latinx community in the United States.


Christopher Guzmán, Technical Trainer  

Nationality: Latin American (Chile), born in US

Christopher GuzmánIt is a recognition of the diverse and growing Latinx population in the United States, and provides opportunities to highlight the people, customs, and stories that come from these unique and varied cultures.


Lionel Jensen, Manager - Production Support

Nationality: US (Ally)

Lionel JensenAn opportunity to learn about and celebrate Latinx and hispanic heritage/culture. A chance to learn as an ally and understand all of the progress made to date and all of the way still to go. 


Dania Micala, Lead - Social Media & Researcher - Mucho Amor

Nationality: 1st Generation Cuban-American

Dania Micala GelfondAs a first-generation Cuban-American, Latinx Heritage month is a time where I reflect on my mother’s journey from Havana, Cuba to the US. I think of the immigrants, the children of immigrants, and the future generations of families that fled for a better life and rebuilt their own success. While the stories of trauma and heartbreak can be devastating, they are also inspiring. I am truly grateful to be here and have comunidad at Unqork. 


Sabrina Concepcion Bailey, Payroll Manager

Nationality: Puerto Rican heritage, born in US

Sabrina Concepcion BaileyAs a mixed-race Latina (father was Puerto Rican, mother is Irish), I never quite felt comfortable in my own skin because no one looked like me or had my same experiences growing up. I grew up being embarrassed by how much my maiden name was butchered or mispronounced by teachers and colleagues and it was hard advocating myself because I didn’t feel like my culture was celebrated. Latinx Heritage Month to me means a chance where I can wholly be myself, share my feelings and make an impact on other young Latinx folks who aspire to work in tech and pursue big dreams. It means coming together as a community, sharing our unique experiences and sometimes having hard conversations about discrimination, building one another up, and filling this month with so much sazón that it spreads to the rest of the year!


Alexa Vargas Cortes, Technical Specialist

Nationality: Puerto Rican

Alexa Vargas CortesLatinx Heritage Month is a time to celebrate our culture and showcase why we are so proud to be Latinx! For me it has always been about looking back at my ancestors, thanking them for the privilege to have been brought up with such a strong connection to la isla & la cultura, while realizing just how far we have come and how much more I want to accomplish for myself and my family—all while bringing that Boricua pride with me. I also love supporting and learning from Latinx entrepreneurs all year round, but especially during this month! I love seeing just how creative and diverse we all are—when our community shines, we all shine!