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Unqork 301: Deploying in the UDLC Toolkit

Uncoder 301 Deploy

Let’s dive into the third phase of Unqork’s codeless take on SDLC management: releasing an application (Deploy). Watch the UDLC (Unqork Development Life Cycle) Toolkit in action

I'm Nick Gamble, Head of Evangelism at Unqork (@the_uncoder). Welcome to part three of the UDLC series!

In this four-part UDLC Twitch series, the development life cycle will be broken up into different phases of Unqork’s Toolkit. Each week, I’ll bring on a guest streamer from the Solutions Engineering team. Part one featured Director of Engineering Roberto Busó-García, who walked us through the Planning phase. Part two featured Solution Engineer Russell Epstein as he walked us through the Testing and Debugging phase. This round, we have Elle Wilson to walk us through Deploy.

Psst: check out part one here and part two here ICYMI.

Meet Elle and see what the UDLC means to her as a Creator.

Key Feature Snapshots

Release Management

Unqork’s Release Management Dashboard simplifies creating a release with one or more applications. This functionality allows Creators to promote multiple apps together, increasing productivity while reducing errors.

Config Analysis Tool

This tool is a powerful feature that provides developers an easy-to-read report about what could be optimized and where. It makes it easier to unit test the components and find any bugs. This is a favorite among our Creators—Unqork Power Users over at FOXO use the Config Analysis Tool about two times a month so they can incorporate any issue that gets flagged in their sprints.

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About the Author

Nick is currently Unqork's Head of Evangelism who is leading the effort to inform the developer community about the power and potential of no-code. In his previous role as Unqork's Vice President of Solutions, Nick led the technical design and implementation for a number of Unqork’s largest clients, including New York City, Goldman Sachs, and other Fortune 100 companies. Through this experience he found a new department pioneering the development of reusable patterns and extensions to the capabilities of the platform, all using Unqork. Prior to joining Unqork in the early stage, Nick spent his career in software development helping startups get off the ground and enterprises digitally transform. These roles took him around the world, gaining a deep passion and understanding of how to build global systems and how people will use them.

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