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Trying to Recruit Gen Z? Outdated Tech Will Hurt You.

Group of diverse young adults sitting in a row holding cell phones and laughing

The oldest members of Gen Z have just entered the workforce! Here’s how no-code can help you attract Gen Z talent and unlock their potential.

Good help is hard to find, especially in the enterprise tech industry. According to the World Economic Forum, only 29% of large companies believed they had enough tech talent to suit their needs in 2019—a number that has certainly gotten lower since the pandemic began. With hundreds of thousands of open tech jobs and not enough people in the pipeline, today’s enterprises need to fill up their rosters fast if they want to stay competitive.

The good news is, there’s a brand new class of candidates just on the horizon—Generation Z! The oldest Gen Zers are around 23 or 24 and they’re on the hunt for their first big job out of college. If your enterprise uses no-code tools, you stand a better chance of attracting and retaining Gen Z talent. Here’s why.

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Gen Z and the workforce

What do we know about Gen Z? Generation Z is loosely defined as people born between 1995 and 2010, so they’re the first true digital natives. They grew up in the age of IoT, and many can’t remember a time without the Internet or cell phones. Gen Zers know their way around a wide variety of digital tools and put in a lot of screen time—more than half of Gen Z spends at least 10 hours a day on any number of five different screens!

Gen Z thrives on individual achievement, and they are more competitive than their millennial counterparts. Gen Z also has a more entrepreneurial spirit than previous generations. People in this age group weren’t old enough to be personally affected by the 2008 recession, but many remember their parents struggling financially. For this reason, Gen Zers tend to be more pragmatic and are willing to work hard to solidify their futures.

Gen Zers are quick learners who are curious, creative, and eager to take in as much information as they can. In fact, 62% of Gen Zers will take classes on their own to learn new skills if they believe it will make them better at their jobs, and 59% will do the same if they believe it will boost their salary. Despite craving job security, Gen Zers are non-committal when it comes to careers—Gen Z employees are three times more likely to switch jobs than those in other generations.

By 2026, Gen Zers will account for 82 million people within the United States’ consumer population, and 60 million of them will be looking for jobs in the next 10 years. These numbers are far too big to ignore! Many are wondering how this new generation will impact the future of work. The key to attracting, retaining, and supporting Gen Z talent lies in outfitting your enterprise with technologies Gen Zers will know and love. No-code is the solution!

Unlock new talent with no-code

No-code is the perfect tool for the next generation of workers. Even if these Gen Z candidates are unfamiliar with older programming languages like COBOL, they’re very familiar with using technology to achieve their personal and professional goals. Having grown up with Google, DIY video tutorials, and drag-and-drop website builders like WordPress, Gen Zers are very familiar with using tech to solve problems independently. No-code platforms help bring this mentality to the workplace—after a short training period, Gen Z Creators can use visual interfaces, intuitive flows, and templated components to create the applications they need to work efficiently.

The Unqork CareerWise Apprentices program is a three-year technical workforce development program that helps high schoolers from underrepresented communities break into tech. CareerWise apprentices are connected with Unqork mentors and resources, who spend part of their summer fostering opportunities for these Gen Zers.

In fact, we’ve seen how well younger generations take to no-code firsthand. The Unqork CareerWise Apprentices program is a three-year technical workforce development program that helps high schoolers from underrepresented communities break into tech. CareerWise apprentices are connected with Unqork mentors and resources, who spend part of their summer fostering opportunities for these Gen Zers.

Gen Zers like no-code because it’s familiar and instinctual. One CareerWise apprentice, Jonathan Connaught, noted that his previous coding experience in app building and robotics “doesn’t compare to how easy no-code is.” Others in his cohort agreed with this sentiment and agreed that it’s easy to “get the hang of” no-code once you’ve learned the ropes. Our Gen Z apprentices also appreciated how no-code helps foster communication, allows for experimental troubleshooting, and enables you to work at your own pace. These capabilities are important to Gen Zers when choosing a career or first job. 

Also, Gen Z job seekers will love that you’re future-proofing your enterprise with no-code! This generation takes job security very seriously, but coding languages become outdated notoriously fast. Using a no-code platform frees you from the endless cycle of updating software, moving away from legacy systems, and then updating once again when those systems inevitably become legacy as well. You never have to play catch up with no-code and your technology grows with you, which will be appealing to prospective Gen Z hires who are accustomed to using the latest and greatest digital tools. 

No-code lets you take advantage of everything Gen Z has to offer—their drive, innovation, and tech-savviness. By leveraging no-code capabilities that are familiar to Gen Zers, you’ll appeal to new talent and support this generation’s ways of working and thinking. Investing in a no-code platform like Unqork now will create a better future for your Gen Z employees, and your entire organization!

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