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The No-Code Business Case for DevOps & Security Engineers

DevOps professional standing next to Unqork Create logo

Give your organization a competitive edge by running complex applications at a lower cost. These sessions at Unqork Create 2021 (Oct 12–14) will demonstrate how no-code makes your job easier.

DevOps teams (and the Security Engineers that support them) have a lot on their plate. 

They are responsible for driving technical projects with a range of engineers to build, design, and implement new solutions. Their ultimate goal is to shorten the development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with a high standard of quality.

Unfortunately, there are many problems that they need to address across the various teams and projects they are responsible for:

  • Variation in application quality across teams and initiatives

  • Disconnect between the business team’s agenda and their engineering team’s development efforts

  • Difficult to oversee security standards are met across the entire software development life cycle (SDLC) when applications and third-party tools are not centralized 

All these problems have something in common: code, and the legacy systems that support them.

The biggest limits on your organization’s future are all the things you’ve built in the past. At Unqork Create 2021 (Oct 12–14)—a virtual event packed with actionable insights, workshops, hands-on labs, and customer stories—you will learn how to mitigate or otherwise solve these issues with no-code.

Unqork Create session highlights

We have a dedicated track for DevOps and security leaders to help you overcome the pain points listed above. Here are a few topics on the agenda we are excited about. 


Enterprise-Grade Security in Unqork

11:30AM-12PM ET, Tuesday October 12

Marcos Christodonte II, CISO—Unqork

Unqork‘s built-in security features help to alleviate systemic security issues—you no longer have to comb through endless lines of code for potential vulnerabilities. DevOps teams in even the most highly regulated industries (e.g., financial services, healthcare, public sector), can enable their engineers to design and build to meet the strictest information security and privacy standards with no-code.

Takeaway: Make security vulnerabilities a problem of the past.


ExpressCloud 101: Optimizing Your Runtime Operations With Unqork

2:30PM-3PM ET, Wednesday October 13

Mark Peterson, Lead Product Manager—Unqork & Alessio Faiella, Director of Cybersecurity—Unqork

Unqork ExpressCloud maximizes performance and security in the platform to allow for reliability and continuous delivery. Learn how ExpressCloud optimizes your Unqork environment's runtime operation automatically, allowing you to scale while reducing costs.

Takeaway: Leverage no-code to shorten your SDLC.


Enabling the Private Cloud with AWS and Azure PrivateLink

11AM-11:30AM ET, Thursday October 14

Mark Peterson, Lead Product Manager—Unqork & Alessio Faiella, Director of Cybersecurity—Unqork

For many network and security engineers, a direct connection to a SaaS vendor is preferred over connections via public service endpoints. In this session, you'll learn about Unqork’s new integrations with AWS PrivateLink and Azure Private Link.

Takeaway: Enjoy a secure communication method with your SaaS provider without data leaving your private network.


If these sessions sound exciting to you, don’t wait! Click here to register for your free virtual pass now. 

P.S. While anyone who signs up will get access to the on-demand recordings after the event, live session attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to subject matter experts.