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The Case for Software Reuse

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You don’t need to start from scratch to build a top-notch application. Let’s dig into the advantages of the reusability of no-code software components. 

At Unqork, we like to say there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to enterprise application development. But what does that really mean? Yes, enterprises must respond quickly to shifting trends and user needs in order to differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the competition. However, you don’t necessarily have to build from scratch in order to do so—in fact, we’d argue you’re better off doing the opposite.

To truly set yourself apart from your competitors, you need to build high-quality applications that work well, and you have to develop them rapidly in order to meet market demands before it’s too late. Reusing software components can help.

What is software reuse?

Software reuse is the process of creating new software from pre-existing software components. A component is a part of a larger whole. This is not to be confused with a template, which is a preset format for a document, file, or entire application that doesn’t need to be recreated with each use.

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Oftentimes, tech teams spend most of their time and money “re-discovering” and re-coding core patterns and components that already existed in the first place. 

Oftentimes, tech teams spend most of their time and money “re-discovering” and re-coding core patterns and components that already existed in the first place. 

Technology as a whole has gotten more complex in recent years, which in turn makes software development more expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone. Oftentimes, tech teams spend most of their time and money “re-discovering” and re-coding core patterns and components that already existed in the first place. Plus, the diversity of platforms and architectures—and the need for tech teams to develop applications faster than ever before—makes it hard to build brand new applications from scratch every time.

Software reuse emerged as a way to solve this problem and help Creators spend their development time more wisely for faster and more consistent builds. You can reuse software specifications, test cases, prototypes, frameworks, and much more depending on your specific needs and goals.

The advantages of reusability

When you build an application using reusable components, you dramatically reduce your development time. Pre-built components snap right into place, creating functional flows at lightning-fast speeds. This happens even faster on a no-code platform since you don’t have to write any code to connect components together. Also, 80% of the backend work has already been done when you reuse software, which lets you speed past tedious development work.

Other key benefits of reusable software include:

  • Higher-quality applications: Reusable components have been tested, verified, and field-proven to be effective. You can rest assured that when you plug them into your application, you’ll get great results!

  • Faster testing: Since the efficacy of the components themselves has already been tested, all you have to do is make sure all features flow well together and the entire application works. If you’re building on an enterprise-grade platform like Unqork, which takes care of security and testing for you, that’s one less thing you have to worry about slowing down development.

Reuse and revolutionize with Unqork

When you have a no-code development platform that offers powerful, sophisticated, and highly advanced components, you don’t need to start at the ground floor each and every time. Unqork’s architecture is component-based, meaning you can stack dozens of tested and verified components together to create a fully functional application without coding each individual component or the “connective tissue” between them. This helps you seamlessly integrate components and quickly build high-quality software fast, so you can maximize your time and effort.

Watch how easy it is to find and install reusable components and edit workflows in the Unqork Marketplace.

We’ve taken software reuse to the next level with our recent release of the Unqork Marketplace. This extensive library of no-code assets offers dozens of reusable, pre-configured software snippets and pre-built integrations that are widely applicable across industries. We’ve also partnered with other organizations, including DocuSign and Experian, to bring you specialized components for streamlined development.

Compared to months and months of building, it only takes about two minutes to find, install, and deploy a reusable component in the Unqork Marketplace. This saves you development time, energy, and resources while ensuring reliability in every build. With no-code software reuse capabilities at your disposal, you can work smarter—not harder!—and get to market faster than ever before.

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