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One Small Step for Unqork, One Giant Leap for Enterprise Software

Unqork Series C Announcement


The last few months at Unqork have been transformative. We’ve grown our headcount to over 350, expanded our platform capabilities and continued to help new and established customers tackle their most pressing business challenges with our enterprise no-code platform. Today, that momentum continues with the announcement of $207 million in Series C funding, raising Unqork’s valuation to $2 billion. Some of the world’s most disciplined and visionary investors have joined us in the No-Code Revolution as we look to forever change how the world’s largest enterprises create mission-critical software. 

Our vision for Unqork is out-of-this-world. Cloud computing brought scale to infrastructure by eliminating the need to own hardware in a datacenter and allowing organizations to consume infrastructure as a service. But all of that is just plumbing; software and applications are where the real excitement is. Unqork is now bringing the same exponential scale to enterprise software, enabling a new class of business engineers to rapidly create mission-critical applications using Unqork’s proven no-code platform. 

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I want to thank all our investors for believing in Unqork’s vision and partnering with us on our journey to bring no-code to the enterprise. Existing investor BlackRock led this financing round and is joined by Eldridge, Fin Venture Capital, Schonfeld Strategic Advisors, March Capital, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Advent’s Sunley House Capital Management, among others. We’re fortunate to have previous investors like Alphabet’s CapitalG, Goldman Sachs, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Blue Collective, Aquiline Technology Growth, Summerfield Capital Management, and World Innovation Lab participate to further their commitment to enterprise no-code. 

We could never have reached this milestone without the people that make Unqork such a great company. Every Unqorker, whose fearless optimism never wavered in the face of the many hurdles 2020 has thrown at us, has an outsized impact on our continued success. We have always invested in fostering a company culture we can be proud of and we’ve been recognized for our efforts. We will double-down on our efforts to lead by example as we continue to rapidly grow our numbers. And, yes, we are always on the lookout for top talent. If you are interested in joining the No-Code Revolution, please visit our careers page.

I want to thank our customers—all visionaries in their respective industries—for seeing the potential of our unique enterprise no-code technology. To our growing ecosystem of partners, thank you for helping to amplify our mission. We look forward to continuing this journey together as we meet the increasing market demand for Unqork.

The Future of Enterprise Software Is No-Code

What does this latest round of investment mean for Unqork? First and foremost, it will help us address the tremendous global demand for Unqork’s enterprise no-code platform. This year we opened Unqork’s first international office in London, and we are just scratching the surface of our global reach. We’ve grown beyond our roots in insurance and finance into sectors like healthcare and government, and we will continue to support additional verticals and industries. 

Meanwhile, we will aggressively invest in R&D to ensure that Unqork remains the leading enterprise no-code platform, best suited to address the widest range of business needs for the world's largest organizations. 

Committed to Unqork’s Vision

Building complex enterprise solutions is not easy. I know this all too well from my time as a Fortune 50 CIO. But another thing I’ve learned from experience is that with the right combination of imagination, collaboration and drive it is possible to engineer around any challenge, no matter how insurmountable it may seem. That mindset has been critical to our success thus far and it's one that is embedded in Unqork’s DNA. 

It has to be when our goal is to spark a paradigm shift in the way mission-critical enterprise software is created. By continuing to help our customers unlock their competitive advantage through our platform, we are well on our way to doing just that. Unqork invented the first completely visual, no-code application platform that helps large enterprises build custom software faster, with higher quality and lower costs than traditional approaches. But the real magic lies in what those enterprises create and how they transform their business. It’s made for a pretty exciting story so far. 

I can’t wait to begin writing the next chapter with you all—without a single line of code.

About the Author

Gary Hoberman has spent the last 24 years helping top financial institutions bring transformative solutions to market. Prior to Unqork, Gary was Executive Vice President and Global CIO for MetLife, overseeing technology across 47 countries and managing a $1.2 billion budget. Prior to MetLife, Gary was the youngest-ever Managing Director at Citigroup, and worked in a number of executive technology leadership roles at Citi and Solomon Smith Barney. Gary has eight patents, seven of which are still in use in the financial services industry today. His most recent patent for MetLife Infinity won 15 Industry awards, beating out Amazon and Sony for first place for “Best Use of Digital.” Gary has been featured as a thought leader in major national publications including Fortune, Forbes, and The Financial Times. Gary also served on the Board of Directors at Acord Inc., was a strategic advisor to Guidewire, and was a member of the Research Board.

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