Introducing Unqork Academy

Introducing Unqork Academy

Ready to learn how to build apps without writing any code? Allow us to introduce Unqork Academy, our self-service learning platform.

At Unqork, we believe that the future of application development starts with the word “no”—no-code, no limits, no barriers. Our no-code platform is designed to democratize development so that more people can build complex applications and bring ideas to life. Unqork’s no-code platform is intuitive and user-friendly, but like any new skill, it helps to learn from experts.

That’s why we’re taking the democratization of app development even further with Unqork Academy, our self-service knowledge center. At Unqork Academy, you’ll advance your no-code skills and learn everything you need to create complex software without writing a single line of code. 

What is Unqork Academy?

Unqork Academy (UA) is a self-service learning platform with tutorials on all of the skills you need to get started and become proficient with no-code. UA tutorials walk you through everything from basic configuration best practices to how to operate Unqork’s Workflow component. 

With UA, instruction is hands-on right away. Within the first hour of training, you’ll be building—no more drawn-out tutorials that overwhelm you with jargon and syntax you'll forget by the time you're finally practicing. Unqork Academy is designed to have you building applications as effectively as traditional developers in mere weeks, opening up a field that has been infamously hard to access.

UA is structured around easy-to-navigate curricula that allows you to take control of your education. For example, the Template Overview tutorial teaches you how to build using Unqork’s most popular templates, from basic information panels to dynamic navigation. Industry standards can change at the drop of a hat in today’s increasingly digital landscape, so UA centered on building a knowledge base that will stay relevant in the face of shifting industry trends.

One of the most challenging parts of the UA curriculum is the Data Workflow course series. Unqork's Data Workflow component allows applications to receive large and complex data structures from multiple sources in real-time. In the series, you'll learn how to use these structures within your application to input, filter, and output data, as well as create new data structures and view data at specific points in the workflow. All of these individual components and capabilities are the key to bringing Unqork applications to new heights.

UA courses are made up of individual courses, videos, Q&As, certifications, and one-off topics of interest, with a resource pool that grows every day. We're also developing learning paths to cover topics from simple configuration to complex integrations, APIs, and data manipulation tools. If you want to follow along with a professional as you take yourself through the material, Unqork Academy also offers live-training for all skill levels. 

Who Can Use Unqork Academy?

Unqork Academy is open to anyone who wants to learn an exciting new skill that will only become more valuable as no-code development continues to grow in popularity. There are close to 3,000 people currently enrolled in UA courses, and nearly 1,000 talented creators have already completed their training. We’ve also hosted almost 20,000 hours of in-person training across 200 full days.

Unqork Academy isn’t just for the industrious self-starter, either. Unqork partners like Liberty Mutual and Goldman Sachs use the platform to empower employees from all departments to directly contribute to the development conversation. Software is better when a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds can participate directly in building it, so we encourage enterprise teams to start closing the IT-business divide with Unqork and UA.

Advancing with Unqork Academy 

Unqork Academy puts you in charge of your own learning with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The UA journey isn’t linear, meaning you don’t have to start at the beginner level in order to advance through the training. If you’re new to no-code, start with an introductory course and play around with the platform at your own pace. If you’ve worked with Unqork already, feel free to skip a few paces and jump in at the intermediate level.

At the beginner level, you’ll become more comfortable with creating configurations of easy to medium complexity and start building a strong knowledge base. At the intermediate level, you’ll start digging into more complex builds like dashboards, automatically generated emails, and data workflows.

By the time you complete the advanced level, you’ll be able to creatively and independently think through entire applications and start bringing them to life. Unqork Academy also offers certification badges that live on your LinkedIn, so you can showcase your accomplishments and connect with other no-code developers. 

If you’ve been playing with the idea of no-code app development for a while, want to make yourself more competitive in the job market, or just want to learn a new skill, start with Unqork Academy.

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