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In the Media: TechTarget Profiles Unqork’s Partnership With Deloitte

In the Media

In a recent TechTarget article, writer Darryl K. Taft discusses the recent partnership of Unqork and Deloitte. 

This partnership aims to provide system integration services for Unqork’s no-code application platform. Taft mentioned that this alliance will, “help enterprise customers that are undergoing digital transformations and app modernizations.” 

In the article, John Bratincevic, an analyst at Forrester Research was quoted as saying “service providers are starting to rely more on low-code/no-code platforms for automation projects and app modernization.” He also mentioned that COVID-19 has made customers concerned in regards to the ‘adaptability’ of their applications. “I've spent a lot of time with large service providers lately,” Bratincevic continued. “And many of them cited this demand for 'adaptability' among their customers. Several of these providers have also adopted Unqork.”

Christian Barrera, VP of Alliances and Ecosystem at Unqork, said “Deloitte is going to be a systems integrator building applications for our mutual customers. They will also be helping maintain those applications. In some cases, they will help customers on their own DIY [do-it-yourself] journey building on the platform, but primarily they are implementing applications on behalf of our mutual clients."

Unqork has a visual interface that allows non-programmers to create apps without writing any code. This allows business users to build apps faster, cheaper, and easier to maintain. The article cited an example of a recent collaboration between Unqork and Deloitte which resulted in the rapid build and deployment (as in only one week) of a small business lending app in conjunction with the federal government's the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

Check out the full article over on TechTarget.